Testimonial by Alizah Rashid age 12 from Islamabad on #AzadiSquare Movement

alizaI am a twelve year old. And like every twelve year old, every previous political event meant only one thing to me; holidays from school. But when IK announced the azadi dharna, I noticed a change, not only in myself but in others of my age. All of us were not excited about the vacations but we ended up being very eager to join this event. We all think of D chowk as a place for festivities, where everybody rejoices a Naya Pakistan.

I feel very proud that we all are finally rising as a nation, united without any differences. When I see a rich girl offering a seat to a poor, old lady at the Azadi square, I give all the credit to Imran Khan whose tiring efforts are what united us all under that green and red flag. I often find myself convincing my mother to go to D chowk and see that amazing man. My mother, fan of IK’s since his cricket days is ever-ready and I quickly put on my sneakers to go to the place which glitters green and red always.

When I go into the ladies enclosure, my heart swells with happiness. I have never seen such conviction in women, all of whom USED to be scared of rushy areas. Now, all I see on their faces is determination to achieve Azadi. Well I guess, Nawaz Sharif should really be ashamed because even women and children scream ‘Go!’ Whenever that energetic voice of Faisal Javed Khan says ‘Go Nawaz!’ All us have only one dream, to meet the man who created the hospital, the university and increased our love for Pakistan. And a few days back, that dream came true.

We came to meet a blessing in disguise, Nafeesa Khattak, who proved to be our way to Khan Sahab’s container. Let me just notify all those with the misconception, that is no luxurious container. It is just a simple, little room with no royal washrooms and no LCDs. As I stood waiting for Khan Sahab to descent from the stage, I was almost jumping with excitement. And when he came inside, I almost let a few tears of happiness escape. A relative of IK’s shot a picture Of us. It was a magical moment. As I stood beside the Chairman of PTI, it felt as though 4th October was really only a wondrous dream. Now, all I hope is that our picture gets posted on the PTI official page.

My dearest wish is to contribute to a Naya Pakistan. My hope is to have a little more time with Khan and my dream is to live in a country I can be proud of. Imran Khan zindabad. Go Nawaz Go.

An Ode to the Great Khan By Saad Saeed

It was 18th September 2014. We waited for the time when Khan would speak at the protest camp. As usual he started around 9.30. There were all those anecdotes, historical references and incidents, achievements and struggles from his own life but there was something unusual about his speech that night. There was something unusual in his eyes and something new in his speech. With somewhat misty eyes he narrated the famous ending moments of the last sermon by the greatest leader of Humanity, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) where he asked the listeners whether they would testify to God that he, Muhammad (PBUH), conveyed His message to them lucidly and forcefully. The respectful audience replied in affirmative and then they started weeping because it was evident that Prophet’s mission was complete and the time was perhaps near when, physically, he would no longer be within them.

But why did Imran quote this. Perhaps he wanted his Pakistanis to “listen” to his unspoken words that he has nothing more to say or to reveal to them. Perhaps he wanted his audience to realize that all he could do was to show them the unity in the lines of the oppressors and the disarray in those of the oppressed. That he has been left with nothing more to offer to them except his “life”. He has given away his personal comfort and ruined away his marital life, has resigned from the seats won by sheer hard work and against all odds and all forces. His work is over. Now the battle has to be fought by those whose rights are being trampled underfoot by the ruling elite.

You may agree with it or not. But this is my comprehension of his speech.

People ask us will your leader succeed in getting someone Big’s resignation. We don’t reply anymore. We have reconciled with the fact that we are different from them. There is a gap of eons between us and them which we have accepted.

All day long we wait for Khan’s main speech at the protest camp but for what? Is there any new thing he would say? Any new steps or strategy, he would announce? Nothing. People can’t understand why we wait for Khan. They can’t understand why we listen to his speeches when we know beforehand there will be nothing new.

They won’t understand that we want to see him because through his eyes we see a better future. We listen to him because in him speaks the combined voice of the youth. We see him on the container and we become aware of our own existence. The newspapers, newsmen, anchors, our opponents and to some extent our elders, all of them, they can’t understand that we “the believers of Khan” and “the believers in Khan” interact with him and connect with him on that transcendent plain which is out of reach for the mundane skeptics. We hear the echoes of his voice deep down in the realms our hearts where nothing except truth and love reign. Right or Wrong, Success or Failure, Dharna No Dharna: Nothing matters to us anymore.

The biggest news for us is: “Khan is there”.

In the eyes of Khan and through the eyes of Khan we see a dream: A dream of a better Pakistan, a resilient Pakistan and a flamboyant Pakistan. We see a respectable Pakistan and a respectable future for its coming generations.

For us IK is not only an agent of change. He is an agent of “Hope”: something which is on the verge of extinction here in Pakistan. He gave us hope on October 30th 2011 with his message of change, he gave us hope on the eve of last year’s general election with his message of a better future through ballot box and he gave us hope in the postelection dark days with his message of confidence in Pakistan’s judicial system.

Now when all the doors seemed closed and we were fast becoming pessimists and had started reconciling with the established order of the day, there came Khan, exuding confidence, energy, will power and personifying struggle determination and perseverance.

Today, he has again given us hope with his message of resilience and resistance against the injustices of a stinking despicable loathsome dark and rigid staus quo. After braving forty hard days and tormenting nights of struggle, rainstorms, humidity, gales, baton charges, police actions, teargasing, ridicules from outside and betrayals from within, the seed Khan had sown on a sweltering day of the 14th August, is fast blossoming into a beautiful flower whose fragrance is seeping through each strata of our society. A movement of struggle and resistance against a system of oppression is in the offing which can no more be smothered. The solitary and weak whispers for change have transformed into ONE voice for change and it cannot be stifled anymore. From now onwards we will never allow a usurper of any shade, be it Khaki or civilian, to deny us our rights and muffle our voices. We will shout for our rights. We will fight for our rights. (And on lighter note: We will dance for our rights)

The day is not far off when the biggest news for the world outside will not be that “Khan is there”. It would be “Yes, Pakistani Nation is there and is alive”

Targeted: Three brothers attacked in Hyd

Hadi Mughal Ex ISF Office Bearer Hyderabad District, Recently joined Army martyred in Hyderabad Shooting.#RIP

PTI Senior Leader Faisal Mughal Admitted in Karachi Hospital

HYDERABAD: Unidentified assailants forced their way into a house in Journalists Colony, located near the Hyderabad Central Jail, and opened fire at the occupants who were seated in the lounge at the time.

The attack was carried out on Tuesday morning by two to three assailants. They barged into the house and opened fire at the three brothers, identified as Abdul Hadi, Faisal Mughal and Hasnain, who were present in the lounge at the time.

Hadi, who succumbed to his wounds during treatment, was a second lieutenant in Pakistan Army. Of other two injured, Faisal, who is a lawyer by profession and the Paksitan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s vice-chairperson for Hyderabad, was shifted to Karachi in critical condition. Hasnain, who is also a lawyer, is undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital, Hyderabad.

The victims’ brother, Babar Mughal, told Daily Sitara Sindh News that the family has no personal enmity with anyone and had not received any threats recently. Their father, Ghulam Nabi Mughal, was a chief engineer in the irrigation department.

Baldia Police Station SHO Zafar Wako said that the police have inspected the crime scene and have found several empty shells of 9mm pistols from the site. He added that the incident was not a robbery as nothing was missing from the house. Police have, however, been unable to ascertain the motive behind the attack.

A Profound Insight to the Biggest Jalsa in the History of Pakistan By Saud Bin Younis

I have been planning to write about Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s jalsa I attended at Minar e Pakistan in Lahore. I couldn’t manage to put everything together until today when I thought I should give it a try. The reason it took so long to write this article is that there was so much I saw that day which even brought tears in my eyes and I had so many thoughts in my mind so I didn’t know where to start. I am going to give it a go and will share some of the stories from what I experienced and saw that day which I believe was once in a life time moment.

1. I was at the site of jalsa the night before just to see how is everything going and I saw this young guy with no legs in a wheel chair somewhere in the corner holding PTI flags and wearing a PTI cap. He wasn’t saying much but was just looking at us and observing others. I couldn’t stop myself from going up to him and to talk to him. I asked his name and he told me his name is Yawar not sure if I am spelling it right. I asked him why are you here and who you with? He replied “I am here by my own and have come here today because as you can see I can not walk and I know there are going to be so many people tomorrow and the government might block the roads so I will not be able to reach the jalsa and won’t be able to see Imran Khan”. He added that he had to drive his wheel chair for more than 7-8 miles just to be here and he is going to sleep here tonight so that he is able to attend the jalsa. I admit, I had tears in my eyes by then and I was hardly been able to hold it in yet I managed to ask him one more question, why is this jalsa so important to you? He answered, “I want to see Imran Khan and I have a strong belief in Naya Pakistan. Pakistan in which people like me will be served with equal rights and I have always wanted to study and go to college but I was not able to because my parents could not afford my education. I am here to support Imran Khan so that he can make a Naya Pakistan and kick these goons and thugs out so that all of us can live happily and peacefully”. I thanked him and encouraged him for his act of bravery and just took my self to a side and calmed my self down as I was at the verge of crying. All that time I was thinking, Imran Khan, you are right: “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai”.

A Profound Insight to the Biggest Jalsa in the History of Pakistan2. I couldn’t sleep during the night after speaking to the guy and was waiting for the morning so that I can call all my friends and ask them to leave for tha jalsa. We had set a time that we all will gather on Liberty Round About in Lahore around 2PM and will make our way to Minar e Pakistan. I was up and calling all my friends at 9am in the morning and asking them to leave now. Some said Yes and some said No. We, the ones who said yes decided to gather around 12 and the other will join us later at Minar e Pakistan. When we went to Liberty round about, we all were stunned and thrilled to see people they’re celebrating and dancing to PTI songs. I also saw families in their cars taking pictures and stopping by to distribute fresh water bottles amongst the ones who were there from the morning. We parked our car and just stood there to look at people celebrating Naya Pakistan until we managed to leave in a form of rally including all the people there at Liberty. Normally it takes just about 30-40mins to reach Minar e Pakistan from Liberty but it took us four and half hours that day. While on our way we saw Kids holding play cards which had #GoNawazGo written on them. We stopped by at a petrol station to fuel our car and there was a building right next to exit of that petrol station and I can never ever forget that there were two really young girls not more than 4-5years chanting #GoNawazGo from the window. My friends and me just looked at each other but did not say anything because it was clear enough that the change is here. Partying all the way through, we were just 5 miles away from Minar e Pakistan with so many people on the road that it was highly unlikely if we are going to make it on time. We decided to park our car in the nearest street and to walk towards the site. We finally managed to reach the jalsa and I tell you it was not easy. We had to climb 3 fences to reach to the ground as the government had containers placed and had blocked all the entry points. We were literally stunned to see so many people at one place as it was my first ever jalsa and have never seen such thing as this jalsa. Not even the ground was jam packed but the Azadi Flyover too and I said to my friends I hope people don’t fall from the bridge as there are so many of them and I hope the bridge doesn’t come down.

3. It was just after Imran Khan had come on the Mic and had addressed his tigers to protect his tigresses and to give them respect. I saw two girls with their little brother struggling to reach to the families section but there were so many people that it was almost impossible for them to reach there. What I saw next was, some of the guys also known as Imran Khan’s tigers had made a circle by joining their hands and took those girls and their little brother in that circle and to make sure they safely reach the families section and they did. I lived a proud moment and I swear to Allah I was so proud to be a Pakistani to have witnessed such respect and obedience. When Imran Khan says that this nation is the greatest of all nations, he has seen all this and that is why he is waking this nation up because when this nation will wake up, Pakistan will be the country progressing by days and nights.

I can go on and on and can write probably through the night but believe me I am in short of words. It was an experience, a feeling to attend this jalsa, which cannot be expressed in words. There are no words to do justice to describe the passion, hope and determination to make a Naya Pakistan. It is to be felt and I am so lucky and proud to have been a part of what is claimed to be the biggest jalsa in the history of Pakistan. In the end I would say: “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai”.



Pakistanis have been PEACEFULLY PROTESTING with a “sit-in” for 50 DAYS TODAY thanks to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman & Our (MY) Leader IMRAN KHAN! Our journey began on the 14th of August, 2014.

50 DAYS: people have camped outside the Supreme Court and National Assembly of Pakistan seeking justice for not just grotesquely rigged elections last year, but justice for preposterously high electricity bills and shameful expenditure by the current Pakistani government


We have been relentlessly asking Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign as we wholeheartedly know he does not have Pakistan’s best interest. Not only that, but he heinously cheated the “system” by getting fake ballot papers printed, fake finger prints on ballot papers. After over 14 months after RIGGED ELECTIONS, due to our countrymen and Imran Khan’s determination and perseverance with our sit-in and protests, the Pakistan Election Commission finally released a report, which confirmed Imran Khan’s statements that a good majority of ballot papers were phony, and also that 1 woman’s finger prints were found 310 times on separate ballot papers! Not to our surprise, they later recanted their statements and made weak claims that rigging never happened DESPITE THEIR OWN REPORT PUBLISHED ON THEIR WEBSITE!! Talk about a Gangster Government’s pressure!


We ask him to resign because he has BOUGHT the entire judicial system alongside “influential” media houses. A fair and truthful investigation into his crimes and his fellow party members, INCLUDING his brother Shahbaz Sharif will never take place while he is Prime Minister, nor will it take place when his family members are running the country!

Oh, did I forget to mention that he’s the KING of nepotism?! A self-proclaimed KING OF PAKISTAN has set loose his entire family onto the nation. They are looting us left, right and centre! Stealing from even the poorest of the poor!


This is not even the tip of the iceberg with this corrupt regime; but merely an extremely brief introduction to what Pakistanis and Imran Khan are dealing with here!

Click this link for a blatant example of rigging in

2013 Elections: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1008042.html

Imran Khan has provided proof after proof and witness after witness that are surfacing; unafraid of losing anything or anyone because they’ve been robbed of their livelihoods. They have stripped PMLN party members bare, yet they are relentless.

Why, you ask?

Because they are gangsters. Plain and simple. They have threatened witnesses that have already come forward and openly declared on TV to provide video evidence against them by putting the witnesses’ families life on the line. They know how to squeeze and artery, that’s for sure! Typical mafia/gangster behaviour by the party that currently has Pakistan’s fate in their hands.

As embarrassing as it is, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has 3 FIR’s out against him on MURDER & TERRORISM, yet he still won’t resign?! In what country is this sane behaviour?!

Imran Khan reminds us of the incident in South Korea where a ferry full of young students sank, killing almost all on board. The South Korean Prime Minister resigned soon after as he felt he failed his people. We call that, a man with principle, dignity, shame and humility. Something Nawaz Sharif clearly does not have!

I praise Allah that my country, Pakistan is finally waking up. My fellow countrymen, women, elders, youth and children have all joined hands against the evil and corrupt!


Imran Khan gave us the strength and wake up call my country desperately needed, and still does! Rome, after all, wasn’t built in a day. However, revolution, change and freedom from a corrupt regime is never an overnight victory. It’s an uphill struggle, but we are persistent and adamant; gaining strength day by day due to our great leader Imran Khan. I’m most certainly sure we will achieve what we have set out for.


But the most disappointing part for me in all of this is not really the fact that Nawaz Sharif hasn’t resigned yet. It’s the fact that we have attained literally ZERO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE IN THE PAST 50 days! BBC, CNN, ABC News, Wall Street Journal and all the big and small guns have conveniently looked over this massive AZADI (FREEDOM) MOVEMENT taking place not just in Islamabad, but all over Pakistan! Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot; you name it! Massive numbers of people have come out on streets PEACEFULLY against this current regime. Chanting the same slogan, “GO NAWAZ GO!” These protests aren’t even limited to just inside Pakistan! They’ve taken place in LONDON AND NEW YORK!


But I suppose it’s naive of me to think PEACE and PEACEFUL PROTESTS are news worthy. After all, where’s the chance to spew propaganda, right?

It’s truly a shame.

If you are currently still apolitical or from a different nationality and feel intrigued by the very brief information I have provided, please Google or Twitter Search the following to get an understanding:

Imran Khan

Azadi March

Azadi March PTI


Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf

Islamabad Massacre

Go Nawaz Go


Pakistan Muslim League

Pakistan People’s Party

Keep in mind there are always two sides to a coin, but if you loathe the corrupt and elite, living off of your tax money, no matter which country you belong to, I’m sure you’ll see which side is the right one!


Exit Islamabad: Qadri hints at taking ‘Inqilab’ across Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: Following Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) drift from the red zone, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri on Sunday hinted at taking his party’s ‘Inqilab March’ to other parts of the country, saying that his party “never believed in protests sitting at one place”.

“A revolution has different phases,” Qadri said adding, “It is a continuing process. Our first stop is Faislabad.”

Giving today’s rally the title of ‘Inquilab in Faisalabad’, Qadri said the day would prove that the Islamabad sit-in has been successful. He did not elaborate as to how this success would be proven.

“We want to change the system, we had been suffering atrocities for more than 65 years,” he said.

“The [Faislabad] rally will prove that the status quo cannot survive, corruption cannot survive and we will achieve Quaid-i-Azam’s lost Pakistan.”

While the PAT chief termed the Islamabad sit-in as a ‘strong foundation’, he urged his supporters to start building out from there.

The firebrand cleric lamented the corrupt practices in the country and also congratulated media outlets for continuous coverage of the sit-in.

Know more: After 59-day stay outside parliament, Qadri heads for Faisalabad

“Media needs to be freed. I commit to make Institutions like Pemra and others independent so that the government cannot use them for their own gains,” he said.

The PAT chief asked his supporters ‘to wait a little more’ for the revolution.

“Where you have waiting this long, it’s only about a few days more,” Qadri promised.

Breaking his 59-day streak of being camped out on Constitution Avenue, the PAT chief had announced from atop his container on Saturday, “I am going to address the public gathering in Faisalabad, while the sit-in will continue until revolution comes.”

Qadri had also warned the the government to be prepared to face a major reaction if they took any action against the participants of the sit-in in his absence.

VIP culture: ‘Those who ride motorbikes may be shot dead’

This picture shows deceased Malik Tahir, who was shot dead by a guard of Former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's son. — Photo courtesy: Malik Tahir Facebook page

This picture shows deceased Malik Tahir, who was shot dead by a guard of Former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son.

Back in 1965, Abida Riaz, better known by her stage name ‘Neelo’, tried defying the orders of a VIP.

The governor of West Pakistan, Nawab of Kalabagh and a man with a thousand other titles to his credit – ‘Malik Amir Muhammad Khan Awan’ summoned her to dance privately for a party hosted in honour of the Shah of Iran, Light of the Aryans, and a man with a thousand other titles to his credit – ‘Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’.

Neelo refused to comply.

The governor then sent his private guards to lift her from the safety of her house to do as ordered – dance on the commands of the inheritors of the world, like the poor of the wretched realm do.

Abida tried committing suicide en route, the only dignified response available to the lowly. The attempt saw her being taken to the hospital, where she was saved and spared the agony of ‘mujra’, though she was bedridden for quite some time.

Reminding her of her duty and her status in the world, Jalib wrote:

Tu k nawaqif adab-e-ghulami hai abhi
Raqs zanjeer pehn ker bhi kia jata hai

['You, that are unaware of the etiquette of slavery - know that slaves dance even in chains']

One would think that 49 years later people would have learned their lessons. But no, this nation is as obstinate and unchanging as they come.

Also read: ‘If you are not a VIP, you are unworthy of criticising a VIP’

They think they can take out a few rallies out here and there, raise a few slogans against the panjandrum, throw a couple of ministers off an airplane, and voila – VIP culture has ended.

Not so easy, sire.

In lawless countries, power is the only legal principle. There’s no hypocrisy in sentencing the poor for the same crimes for which the rich would not have served a single day. Must we be reminded time and again that against our idealistic whims and wishes, the lords of the world walk free, every time?

To remind you:

  • What transpired in the bakery-beating case, incriminating Ali Imran Yousaf (Shahbaz Sharif’s son in law)?
  • What happened in the Shahzeb murder case?

They walk free because the law has loopholes. They go scot-free because they can afford to.

They are freed because the poor are somehow the only ones who takeDiyat, falling for the lofty ideals of ‘Fi Sabilillah’ (more often than not, it is an offer which cannot be refused).

The rich and powerful are exonerated because the evidence is always smudged, and the witnesses either turn hostile or refuse to testify at all (no points for guessing why).

Also read: A pie for an eye

The proletarians cross the drawn lines, and then the patricians, rightly, put them back in place. Thus, good on you Abdul Qadir Gilani, for reminding Malik Tahir and the like, that the commoner ought not to overtake the cruisers of VIPs.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz would have scoffed:

Yeh galion ke awara bekar kuttay
K bakhsha gya jin ko zoq-e-gadai
Zamanay ki phitkar sarmaya in ka
Jahan bhar ki dhutkar in ke kamai

[These useless stray dogs (refers to working classes), which were born mendicant, inherit only the drubbing of the society, and earn merely the chastisement of the world.]

Good on you, Mr Gilani, that you reminded the underclasses of this place of theirs, in a truly fitting manner.

Next, the influential should lobby for a law analogous to the ignominious crawling order of General Dyer. Unlike the General’s orders which were restricted to a single street, though, this law must order all plebs to start crawling as soon as they see a VIP.

This would serve as a potent reminder to the nation that they were never truly liberated.

In his defence, Abdul Qadir Gilani may have been a little over-paranoid, extra-cautious after his brother’s abduction.

Tahir, meanwhile, forgot that in Pakistan, debates of reasonable response or sanity take a backseat where the VIP are concerned.

Know more: Aggrieved family wants Qadir Gilani behind bars

The naysayers may question if this ‘VIP justice’ was the only viable option. They will haggle over the various details of the incident and intricacies of law.

  • Was Gilani present in the vehicle?
  • Isn’t the guard solely to blame? Isn’t his confession enough?
  • If this is standard protocol, shouldn’t the blame lie with the motorcyclist who “irritated the guards”?

The truth is, these questions are too petty to ask.

Only a single person was murdered, just one son of a lesser God; an insignificant number from an undistinguished heritage in the Pakistani game of death sums; to infuse such a valuable lesson – don’t let the western ideals, or even Islamic ones, pollute your minds.

It’s ideals like these which caused David Cameron, Prime Minister of United Kingdom, to be thrown out of the hospital wards by a concerned surgeon for not observing hygiene protocols.

To think we can do the same to our PM – what rubbish.

To think one was emancipated merely because he had heard a certain discussion about it in the media, and seen the defenders of human rights get some talk-time – what gibberish.

To think we had inherited ‘democracy’, the saviours of which were going hoarse in the recent past in assemblies, of true American form – what absurdity.