Imran Khan steals Punjab’s heart

LAHORE – Staging a mega show symbolising return of PTI tsunami in the citadel of the ruling PML-N, Imran Khan has demanded declaring 2013 elections null and void in the light of ECP’s recent post-polls report.

A more-than-ever confidant Imran looked very happy to see hundreds of thousands of his charged supporters as he arrived at Minar-i-Pakistan, the national symbol of independence, where his Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf on Sunday had organised a public moot titled ‘Go Nawaz Go’ as part of their Azadi March.
It was a sea of colours with fluttering party flags looking like ocean waves, of cheers and shouts for the hero Imran, and of jeers at the government and PML-N leaders. Women and children – with PTI flags painted on their faces – formed no smaller portion of this enthusiastic crowd that danced to the tunes of party and national songs. If it was about proving PTI’s power in the heart of Punjab, it was clearly a successful show.
In his 55-minute speech, the PTI chairman spoke on the key issue of alleged electoral fraud in 2013 polls, the ruling misconduct of ruling party and its core leadership, and PTI bashing by the opponents, besides making some promises that he would fulfill after coming into power.
The opposition leader, who has been demanding vote verification in certain constituencies for many months, is now on an aggressive anti-government campaign since August 14, the national Independence Day, demanding resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Repeating his accusation of massive rigging in the last general elections by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, the PTI chief offered opening the entire election process in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and holding of re-election if irregularities found in it.
Imran demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) upload the details of Form 14 on its website, as he believed it would unveil major irregularities in 2013 elections, warning that the commission would be considered involved in the crime of poll rigging if it did not do the job at the earliest.
He asked the ruling party to open the constituencies which the PTI has identified for rigging probe with stepping down of the PM for the period of the investigation, saying he would make a public apology if the rigging charges are not proved. But if the rigging is found, all the people involved in the crime would be put on trial under Article 6 and fresh elections would be held, he said. Giving rationale of his demand for PM’s quitting the seat, he said a transparent probe was impossible as long as the main accused calls the shots.
“The Election Commission 2013 post-election (review) report vindicated our stance by confirming that polling schemes were changed in the final hours of electoral process to benefit a certain political party, besides printing of ballot papers,” Imran Khan said. Calling former chief justice ‘Mir Jaffar’ of Pakistan, he alleged that Chaudhry Iftikhar was controlling the election process instead of the Election Commission.
Bashing the ruling family and party, he alleged: They are all liars and PTI leader and lawyer Ishaq Khakwani would be appearing before the Supreme Court in a petition concerning prime minister’s lies that he spoke on the floor of the parliament.
“Nawaz Sharif is a habitual liar”, as he lied about the deal with Pervez Musharraf but later the Saudi prince on his visit to Pakistan confirmed a deal had been made between Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf. “He (Nawaz Sharif) had also lied that he didn’t get funds from ISI but former ISI DG General Asad Durrani in an affidavit to the Supreme Court in Mehran Bank scandal confirmed that he gave funds to him.”
Imran said Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari were two sides of the same coin and both the corrupt were supporting each other to save their skin.
He said: “Nawaz Sharif is the product of the nursery of the late General Zia. I draw my strength from the people of Pakistan and not the ISI or any other organ of the establishment.”
He said: The ruling party should read writing on the wall by keeping in mind the events of protests against Nawaz Sharif outside the UN, show of public wrath at a Hamza Shahbaz Sharif’s public meeting and ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogans when the provincial chief executive visited the flood-hit areas.
“I have been on a struggle for the last 18 years to mobilise the people to rise against the injustices and finally I have succeeded today as I have never seen such a massive crowd in Lahore in my entire life as I am witnessing today at the gardens of Minar-i-Pakistan,” Imran said.
The PTI chairman, challenging the PML-N, said, “If the ruling party is really popular it should pull a crowd that is even 10 percent of this gathering and I will even ask Pervaiz Khattak to send patwaris and other employees to assist the ruling party in this regard.”
Imran claimed: PTI team under his command is ready to give a tough time to the forces of so-called democracy anytime. “Now I wish that the PML-N government should stay in power for some more time as it will help my campaign to reach each corner of the country.”
Imran said: “I will not end the Islamabad sit-in till the resignation of Nawaz Sharif and I will continue holding public meeting in other cities.” He announced that the next public meeting will be held in Mianwali on October 2 (Thursday), to be followed by another moot in Multan.
He asked the participants of the public meeting to make four pledges with him for making a new Pakistan that: (i) They will always stand by the truth; (ii) They will be brave enough to confront injustices; (iii) They will take care of the downtrodden; (iv) And they will always support the justice.
The PTI chief said: “I will bring uniform education system upon coming into power as denying equal education opportunities is the first step of injustice. I will make efforts to end the miseries of 110 million Pakistanis living below the poverty line. I will demolish the prime minister, chief minister and governor houses and make public libraries, colleges and public parks for the people, and the government functionaries would live a simple life. I will introduce a justice system which guarantees the rights of all the classes and ensure nobody could evade the justice.”
Imran Khan remarked that Dr Aafia Siddiqui would not have been in the hands of the Americans if justice existed in Pakistan. The uncle of Dr Aafia met me and told that her niece along with her three small children was handed over to the Americans (by Pakistani authorities). There would be no missing persons if there is justice in the country, he added.
Imran Khan once again asked the people not to deposit their electricity bills as the government was neither reducing loadshedding nor electricity tariff. Other senior PTI leaders who spoke on the occasion included Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Pervaiz Khattak, Jahangir Khan Tareen, Ijaz Chaudhry and Asad Umer. Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed also spoke.

In Oneness By Shezray Faisal

In Oneness

By God, The Battle has only just begun!

I have laughed… with jubilance and tears. I have danced in the rain and felt God was on his side. I have cheered in passion, in patriotism… in oneness!

I have followed him on the roads, behind jalsas, on channels, on facebook and twitter…and I have prayed for him in earnest with the eagerness of a child…

I have let passion and elation overrule logic and safety …and I have cried in incredulity and pain. I vent because I cannot contain the fury unfolding inside of me!

And yes….I believe because his eyes don’t lie.

So don’t ask me why the forlorn face. The lump in my throat is painful and it threatens to explode! You love him or you don’t. He is my leader! He is my Prime Minister!

So don’t you tell me its fate; for years I have accepted it so!

Don’t tell me to be graceful about it; for years I have turned a blind eye!

Don’t say it’s always like this… for ages I believed it could never change…

And don’t say the nation deserves this; because ‘I’ am the nation and ‘I’ are ‘we’ who stand in oneness today!

I was this close to breaking the shackles…. only this tiny close from breaking away the chain … change the sick periodic cycle that pollutes my nation with every Bhutto and every Sharif!

You see, it was within my reach… the breath of true freedom! Liberty! Demoracy! Freedom that I always thought I had but never really did! And now I fear I will feel suffocated for the next 5 years.

But don’t try and comfort me, I don’t need it from anybody but him. I am stronger then I started out, his faith has made me so.

Yes I voted and I brought with me a stubborn ailing grandparent in a wheelchair, a unwell father who could barely walk, an old fragile mother who stood firm, a stranger who needed a ride, a friend who was as excited as I and a spouse to share a new promise with. I guided and helped whoever and whenever as much as I could. Yes I raised my voice, yes I practised my right and have a proud inked thumb!

So yes this is my fight as much as his! And fight I shall….I have to try…

But know that I am also disheartened because truth and honesty did not prevail. And my heart actually hurts for him. I cant bear to look at the poster where he is looking up at the sky, but I do and say a silent prayer. I can’t help but feel that I let him down. I tried but I wasn’t prepared….

I have not grown-up in a family that lives off foreign debt or the tax payer’s money. Nor have I learned the expertise of rigging, blackmail and manipulate.

But by his example I will not hovel up in the dark, I embrace the new sun and its light!

I am spreading passion!

I am spreading love…

I am spreading pride!

I am spreading the faith..

And I am change itself!

I am in all hues of waving green, red and white…

And I am growing… I am contagious ….

So know this Bilawal Zardari and Mariam Nawaz; know that I have woken, know that I prepare, know that I am ready and that you will be outnumbered. Because ‘I’ am ‘we’ who stand in oneness behind Imran Khan.

DG Rangers meets governor, CM: vows to rid city of criminals

Pakistan Rangers

The new Sindh Director General of Rangers, Major General Bilal Akbar, held separate meetings with Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan and Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Tuesday.

The governor congratulated Akbar on his appointment and expressed optimism that the situation in Karachi would improve. Syed Qaim Ali Shah, in his meeting with the new DG Rangers, said that the law and order situation had improved by the steps taken by Rangers and police in the province.

“Sindh government is determined to rid Karachi of criminals”, he added.

Major General Bilal Akbar has vowed to continue the ongoing targeted operations in the city till the end of the last criminal.


Siraj Kassam Teli, Patron-in-Chief, M Zubair Motiwala, former chairman and Younus M Bashir, Chairman SITE Association of Industry, on Tuesday appreciated the efforts of Corps Commander Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani and Director General Rangers (Sindh) Rizwan Akhtar for improving law and order in Karachi.

They also wholeheartedly congratulated Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar for his posting as the new DG ISI. They wished that in this coveted position he would serve their beloved country to the best of his abilities.

In a statement, they said that during their posting here as Corps Commander and Director General Rangers (Sindh), they had done a tremendous job and they were pleased that they had made a historic difference in the lives of Karachites.

They appreciated their efforts generally for the province and particularly for the Karachites and also the role they played in improving the law and order situation in SITE which is the largest industrial estate in Pakistan. As before their initiative, SITE was perhaps the place with the highest rate of crime in the city where industrialists were frightened and frustrated and their confidence was at the lowest ebb.

In that scenario, these gentlemen took the initiative with their deeply-prepared comprehensive security plan with all the minor details of entry and exit points at vulnerable places etc. In the series of dialogue with industrialists, they presented and implemented their plan.

While congratulating the newly-appointed Director General Rangers (Sindh) Maj Gen Bilal Akbar, they hoped that efforts for further strengthening security system would require continuity. They further expressed the hope that it would not only be maintained but would be accelerated. They offered their full cooperation and all-out support for the Corps and the Rangers.

The Untold Wealth of Ishaq Dar

The Untold Wealth of Ishaq Dar

Ishaq Dar is highly regarded for his financial expertise and has twice served as federal minister for finance, economic affairs, revenue and statistics. Considered a PML-N stalwart, he has headed the party’s international affairs office since 2002. Apart from being elected an MNA thrice, Dar has been elected Senator three times along with being appointed as PML-N’s parliamentary leader in the upper house each time.

In February 2014 in Dubai on an official visit as Finance Minister of Pakistan again, he said “We inherited three bad ‘Es’ — bad economy, energy and extremism — from the previous government but we have managed to control the situation within seven months since we took over last year.”

He announced that Pakistan was open for business once again but it seems more likely he was expanding his own business. Surreptitiously, on the sidelines, Ishaq Dar has built himself a business empire, reportedly managed by his two sons Hasnain Dar and Ali Dar. HDS Tower in Cluster F of Jumeirah Lakes Tower is only one of the 34 story buildings that belong to the mighty HDS Group. Several other buildings in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Business Bay and International City, like the HDS Sunstar Towers, are also owned by the millionaire brothers.

The owners of HDS Group, Ali Dar and Hasnain Dar manage everything perfectly for Ishaq Dar. It’s worth mentioning here that the elder son Ali Dar is also the son-in-law of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Real estate business and development is the main concentration of the HDS group, moreover owning various commercial and residential towers in JLT, Business Bay and Central Business District of International City in Dubai.

The HDS Group flagship project has 2 million sq feet built up area and is currently under construction in the Burj Khalifa area, this project alone is a millions of dirhams worth. Such projects make this group one of the foremost property developers in UAE.  The group even survived the economic downfall of 2008 .

Reportedly, Bahria Town Dubai office is located at the top floor of JLT Business Towers owned by HDS. It is rumored that some space has also been kept free for a future office for Asif Ali Zardari, ex President of Pakistan. Recently, Ishaq Dar introduced his sons to the ruling family and top authorities of UAE for propagation of future business interests on an official visit there.

Here is a list of the main assets owned by HDS Group:

1.HDS Tower, a 39 storey commercial and retail tower located in the F cluster of Jumeirah Lakes Towers was constructed in 2008, the tower consists of small, medium and large apartments and offices. Its monetary worth is billions of dirhams.

2.HDS Business Centre, it was completed in 2011, its grand lobby is its main highlight and is one of the finest in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, it is beautifully designed with the best granite and marble finishes and its current market value is billions of dirhams.

3.HDS Sunstar 1 and 2 is a 10 storey residential building in the central business district of International City, Dubai.Luxury rooftop swimming pools and gymnasium assured rental of the 120 apartments within a month of its completion, this project is also priced at billions of dollars.

4.Sobha Ivory 1 and 2 is in the heart of Business Bay, UAE s prime business location. This property has easy access from Sheikh Zayed Road and is one of the most wanted business addresses in Dubai.

5.Take a Break is a semi serviced coffee shop on the ground floor of HDS Tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers launched in December 2011.

6.HDS Mini Golf was launced in the end of 2013, the chief guest was H.E .Ahmed bin Sulayman. It is an entertainment hotspot located at Lake Level of HDS Business Tower in cluster M of Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

7.HDS Owners Association Management Company is a licensed facilities management company.

8.HDS Rent a Car is one of the first rent a car companies in the Middle East to launch the exotic Lamborghini Avebtador LP 700 and the 2013 Mercedes Benz G63 in the rent a car industry .They also provide the finest Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, May Bech, ,Mercedes Benz and BMW. The uniqueness of the car rental company lies in its array of niche car manufacturers and models of cars unavailable to the market. HDS Rent a Car owns the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Mercedes Benz SLS 63 AMG Gullwing, apart from the more economy cars such as Peugeots and Renaults. Some of the many exotic, luxury and SUVs in the lineup are the the Ferrari Berlinetta F12 and the McLaren F1.

The owners are offering such exotic services in Dubai, which even the local Emiratis fail to afford. Ishaq Dar made hundreds of real estate transactions with Madhu Bhindari, an Indian billionaire entrepreneur, who is on a run from Dubai, after losing 150 million dirhams in the 2008 crisis. However, the finance minister’s buildings and investments are still earning him a hefty income.

A Pakistani real estate agent related how a lot of Pakistani bureaucrats and politicians have properties worth millions in Dubai. “The son of a serving government officer from Sindh government invested a huge amount of money in real estate here in 2008, and I carried out transactions for him,” the agent claimed.

“Where are these politicians getting the money from?” asked a Pakistani in Dubai, who came to know that the building he lived in is owned by Ali and Hasnain Dar’s HDS Group.

“If they have billions of dollars and so much money, why is it not in Pakistan?

These politicians talk about the welfare of Pakistani people, but all they can think about is themselves!”

Director Swiss Bank had stated some years back that Pakistan has around 97 billion dollars only in Swiss Banks. But the reality is that Pakistani politicians and businessmen have much more than 97 billion dollars outside Swiss Banks, invested in various countries and financial centres like Dubai. According to the Swiss Bank director, if the money is spent on Pakistan and its people, then Pakistan could have a tax free budget for next 30 years, it could create 60 million jobs, could carpet four lanes road from any village to Islamabad, provide endless power supply, every citizen could get a Rs. 20,000 salary for the next 60 years and there would be no need to take loans from IMF or the World Bank.

Why Karachi Jalsa is a Game Changer ?

Many things can be said about this large assembly of men and women that is described around quarter a million. (250,000 very conservative estimate). This collection of mankind at a short notice at one point around one issue, “Go Nawaz Go” is in itself a big event from any global or historic standard.

Second, these men and women were not brought in buses, trucks and tractor trollies by Police and Patwaris and unlike MQM, Imran Khan’s PTI had no solid organizational structure (no sector commanders or street & mohalla teams) in Karachi that could force, persuade and transport an ocean of humanity to Mizar-e-Quaid. They came of their free will, because they wanted to. It was thus an expression of human spirit and belief in something. They represented Pakistan’s middle classes: professionals, civil servants, doctors, lawyers, Pilots, Air hostesses, engineers, office workers, IT Experts, Army & Police Officers, managers, factory workers, Students and Professors and so on. And there were fathers with their young daughters, and brothers with sisters and many of them proudly told me that they were impressed by the mutual respect, discipline and sense of solidarity from others around them.

For the past quarter century we and the world argued that where are Pakistan’s middle classes? why don’t they participate in politics? why don’t they change the game? So here they were expressing their disgust against a Dynastic rule by few families (Sharifs, Zardaris, Maulana Fazal ur Rehman and Achakzais), and control over all state institutions from Police and bureaucracy to Judiciary and Election Commission and they were there to protest against Rigged Elections and an elitist mindset that is not ready for political reforms.

All that is relevant; but the real importance of Karachi Jalsa is that it has broken the logjam of the past few weeks. It has destroyed the lens through which govt and its supported and bought media was trying to portray the “movement for political reform”. Nawaz Govt had tried all the tools in its kit – from Police crackdowns, Judicial sanctions and arrests to Army bashing in the parliament and garnering international support in the name of civilian supremacy – and was now waiting for the protests to die down under rain and sun and fatigue. Its attempts to paint “dharnas” or sit-ins as the final point of Imran Khan’s struggle and a failing struggle with Imran painted as a loser or desperate charlatan was bearing fruits.

But all of sudden the Karachi masses have sent the roaring message that ” we are not just a few thousand fatigued men and women sitting outside the parliament, they may be the symptoms of us, a focal point, but we are in millions, we are in cities, we represent the brain of this nation, its future and we are everywhere and sooner or later your propaganda mills against us will fatigue and fail, and the world all around us, be it Americans or British or Europeans or Indians or Chinese, will have to realize that instead of believing in sham elections and failed theories of dynastic politics they have to deal with us for we the middle classes of Pakistan represent the future. We carry the destiny of Pakistan and not the illiterate rural voters of Zardari, or the medieval supporters of Maulana Fazlar ur Rehman and Achakzai who still live in 15th century without realizing that how these dynastic parasites are exploiting them. And we want a political deal.

PM Nawaz is continuously hoping against hope to fool everybody in the country and across the world that what he faces is not a genuine political challenge for accommodation and reform but a farce created by his military and that democracy is under siege and he is fighting for civilian supremacy over military. He has succeeded to a great extent that is why even many decent and honest people in media, in civil society, in legal community, in bureaucracy and on social media and most in diplomatic community and across the world supported him for they thought that “democracy is under attack”. You must question: how is it possible? how can they fool so many intelligent people? Answer is: PMLN disinformation machine is very smart; it is capable of playing tricks through double triple speak and is very well financed; after 2008 elections while they ruled 60% of Pakistan, its richest province with most resources, they successfully used a nexus of media and judiciary to paint themselves as “opposition” and thus saved themselves from the “anti-incumbency” feelings that confront every government after 5 years. Its height of stupidity when most international observers and many in Pakistan say that 2013 elections brought a change. There was no change; change came in 2008 elections when PMLN and PPP displaced incumbents “Q” from Punjab. From 2008 onwards, PMLN controlled Punjab and by virtue of their solid control over Punjab and its bureaucracy they displaced PPP from center in 2013. Most forget that Elections that determined the federal govt were fought in Punjab. PMLN are smart in mind games; you have to accept that.

But that roaring sea of humanity in Karachi alive with slogans of “Go Nawaz Go” will now compel minds in and outside Pakistan. World will also have to ponder: Can Nawaz continue to rule Pakistan with iron hand without a political compromise? Why he has no ability to resolve conflicts? What is the nature of this conflict aferall? Is he pitched against the military or urban middle classes? And Can he deliver in his present demeanor?

Nawaz Sharif & PMLN have consistently tried to avoid a meaningful political deal. They are only playing tricks and gimmicks. They cannot do that anymore. They are only fooling themselves. Sooner or later Nawaz has to agree on a “Credible Meaningful Election Audit with a JIT”, Electoral Reforms and new reconstituted Election Commission and Early Elections, (under the supervision of a credible supervising force) may be in the beginning of 2015 or autumn of 2015. And I don’t see how politics of Punjab can be healed without resignation of CM Shahbaz Sharif; he may even renovate his politics by presenting himself in front of the courts and clearing his name before the next elections. This will be best for him.

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Written By :

Moeed Pirzada
TV Anchor & Columnist. Editor Strategic Affairs

Lt-Gen Rizwan Akhtar named new ISI chief

RAWALPINDI: Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar, considered a close ally of Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif, has been promoted to the post of Director General Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) on Monday among other promotions within the army ranks.

The announcement was made by Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major Asim Bajwa on Twitter:

Postings:MG Rizwan to DGISI,Hidayat to Psr Corps,Navid Mukhtar to Kci Corps,Hilal Hussain-Mangla,Ghayur Mahmood-Gujranwala,Nazir Butt-C&IT

The announcement comes as current ISI chief Lt-Gen Zaheerul Islam and five lieutenant generals are scheduled to retire from service in the first week of October.

Lt gen RizwanAkhtar takes over ISI chief in Oct,was until recently DG Rangers & has also commanded the 9th Infantry Division in Wana.

The military officers retiring in October include ISI chief Lt-Gen Zaheerul Islam, Mangla corps commander Lt-Gen Tariq Khan, Gujranwala corps commander Lt-Gen Saleem Nawaz, Peshawar corps commander Lt-Gen Khalid Rabbani and Karachi corps commander Lt-Gen Sajjad Ghani.

All five positions are of paramount importance in the military but the chief of the ISI is regarded as the army’s most important official after the army chief himself. The ISI chief is appointed by the prime minister, traditionally on the advice of the army chief.

General Rizwan and Maj Gen Naveed Mukhtar were close contenders due to their experience of intelligence.

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Bajwa also announced the names of Major Generals who will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant:

Promotion to rank of Lieutenant Gens:Maj Gens Rizwan Akhtar,Hilal Hussain,Ghayur Mahmood,Nazir Butt,Navid Mukhtar,Hidayat Ur Rehman.Total-6

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave approval of these postings on the recommendations of General Raheel Sharif.

Starting from the extreme left, Gen Rizwan Akhar, General Hidayat ur Rehman, Gen Ghayur Mahmood,  Gen Naveed Mukhtar, Gen Nazir Butt and Gen Hilal Hussain.

Starting from the extreme left, Gen Rizwan Akhar, General Hidayat ur Rehman, Gen Ghayur Mahmood, Gen Naveed Mukhtar, Gen Nazir Butt and Gen Hilal Hussain.

Profile of incoming ISI chief

Considered a close aide of the COAS, General Rizwan Akhtar is a graduate of the Command and Staff College in Quetta, National Defense University and the Army War College, USA, a military official told DSS.

Rizwan was commissioned in the Pakistan Army in Frontier Force Regiment in September 1982.

He is from the Frontier Force Regiment and commanded the infantry brigade and infantry division in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata).

Previously as Sindh DG Rangers, Major General Rizwan Akhtar had been assigned with the task to lead the Karachi operation.

But the military had replaced him as DG Rangers Sindh with another senior military officer.

The decision by the military headquarters had come at a time when a joint operation by police and Rangers against terrorists and criminal elements in Karachi had been in its full swing.

Akhtar is also considered to have extensive experience of counterinsurgency from a previous posting in the border region of South Waziristan.

“He has served in a place like Karachi while remaining neutral and apolitical and has extensive experience of counterinsurgency and counterterrorism. He was the obvious choice,” said a serving military official who had served with Akhtar.

“He is a professional soldier who has experience of both Fata and internal security in Karachi,” an army official told Dawn.

“For Nawaz Sharif, the bottom line is that he doesn’t want another Zaheer,” said a defence ministry official, summing up what the prime minister was looking for in his new spy chief.

“Somehow, the PM has never considered Zaheer his man. And that’s been a source of great anxiety for him. So he wanted someone who doesn’t have political leanings.”

He will take over as head of the ISI on October 8.

Major General Mian Muhammad Hilal Hussain

Currently, he is serving as Director General Military Training at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. He was commissioned in Artillery in September 1982. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta, Australia and National Defense University Islamabad. He also served as Military Secretary to the President of Pakistan. He commanded an Infantry brigade in Fata and also served as Director General Rangers Punjab.

Major General Ghayur Mahmood

Major General Ghayur Mahmood was commissioned in the Frontier Force regiment in 1982. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta, Kuala Lumpur and NDU Islamabad. He has commanded an Infantry Division in Fata. The general officer has also served as Inspector General Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is currently serving as Vice Chief of the General Staff at the General Headquarters.

Major General Nazir Ahmed Butt

Major General Nazir Ahmed Butt is the Commandant of the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. He was commissioned in the Frontier Force regiment in March 1983. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta and National Defense University Islamabad. He was the Military Secretary to the Prime Minister and Defence attaché in USA. He has commanded an Infantry Division in Fata.

Major General Naveed Mukhtar

Major General Naveed Mukhtar was commissioned in the Armoured Corps regiment in 1983. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta, National Defense University Islamabad and War Course USA. He has commanded a Mechanised Division and presently he is serving in Dte Gen of ISI.

Major General Hidayat ur Rehman

Major General Hidayat ur Rehman is presently the chief instructor at NDU Islamabad. He was commissioned in 1983. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta and the National Defense University in Islamabad. He has commanded an Infantry Division.

PM meets COAS

Meanwhile, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Raheel Sharif held a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the Prime Minister House today and took him into confidence over the latest promotions and postings in the Pakistan Army, particularly the appointment of Gen Rizwan Akhtar as Director General ISI.

The army chief brought with him the appointment file of the new DG ISI and after long deliberations, the premier gave approval to the name of Major Gen Rizwan Akhtar as the new spymaster of the ISI. Under the rule, the DG ISI is directly answerable to the premier therefore the appointment of DG ISI is also approved by the premier. However, the army chief’s recommendations are always given weightage by the premier.

During the meeting, professional matters relating to the army, including the ongoing Zarb-i-Azb operation in North Waziristan, also came under discussion.

Quotes from honorable Chairman’s Speech, Karachi Jalsa, 21 September 2014

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“O Allah, we pray to You, and only to You we look up for help.”

“I thank Allah again for awakening my great nation!”

“Eighteen years struggle on one side, the thirty-nine day effort on the other!”

“This thirty-nine days’ effort has awakened the whole nation.”

“Promise me, that in future, you will never brook injustice, will never bow to evil forces!”

“The nations which bow to injustice and brutality, get inevitably enslaved.”

“I have come to Karachi to make all the different people here one nation!”

“I have come to make all Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Punjabis, Baloch, Sindhis, and other Urdu-speaking as one nation.”

“Hitherto, we had been divided so that decadent forces could rule us.”

“The oppressors were united to rule the divided oppressed.”

“We have come here to make the nation promised by Quaid-e-Azam.”

“It is our fundamental right that we can elect our representatives through genuine voting, not through rigging!”

“We have been unlucky in that, except for 1970, all elections have been rigged, and yet there has been no accountability.”

“Nobody has been held responsible or accountable so far for widespread rigging in Pakistan elections for decades.”

“We will not let up until Nawaz Sharif is made fully accountable for his rigging crimes!”

“InshaAllah, we will make a Naya Pakistan – one which I always dream of, one where we’ll have deluge of foreigners looking for jobs.”

“We will empower our youth so that robust national growth is achieved.”

“We need to introduce robust system of justice, of law and order, of reward and punishment.”

“The extortionists, the target criminals, the looters, the brutal feudals – must be defeated at all cost!”

“I have travelled extensively all over the world, but never seen a more oppressed people than the Interior Sindh villagers.”

“Brutalities and injustice inflicted on the poor and the vulnerable – we must fight the phenomenon with full force!”

“Allah has made me a trained fighter – I will fight all injustice in Pakistan, and want your support!”

“We have to uplift three professionals – first one is the teachers, as education is paramount. We have to spend a lot on education.”

“We have to greatly increase the salaries of professors, as they are a nation’s builders.”

“KPK spends the most proportionately on education, among all four provinces.”

“We have to reform the police. Punjab Police which is infested with Gullu Butts, has to be sorted out.”

“Police has to be depoliticized for people to feel safe and to have any trust in the institution.”

“KPK police is totally depoliticized – and is merit based. We need similar police in Karachi.”

“We have to spend a lot of money on reforming the judiciary – have to increase Judges’ salaries so that they can’t be bribed.”

“Foreign investment cannot be forthcoming when Ministers are involved in corruption, and the Prime Minister is busy aggrandizing own family wealth.”

“PTI will show how judiciary can be reformed – and speedy justice dispensed in public interest cheaply.”

“Karachiites, I’m taking these pledges from you, as I need your support to make all this possible!”

“When a nation gets awakened, and gets united to topple the decadent system, there is only one result.”

“I can fight this dark evil force of Status Quo when you are all with me in the fight. I want you all to keep strengthening my hands.”

“Maulana Diesel badmouthed our mothers and sisters – neither I nor the nation will ever forgive him!”

“I’ve witnessed in Western democracy the wonderful attribute of Local Bodies governance which gives ultimate freedom to the nation.”

“Rural empowerment has to be provided to cast away the shackles of slavery.”

“The nation will cast away slavery when Local Bodies’ governance would be fully implemented by PTI.”

“Nawaz Sharif – you have to go!!”

“Nawaz Sharif, for three decades, you have been taking turns with PPP. In the meanwhile, the nation has been sliding on poverty scales, whilst your

family has been getting more and more affluent!”

“Nawaz Sharif, your time is up. Neither America nor Saudi Arabia can save you – or for that matter, your Gullu Butts!”

“You have to promise me that we will stand besides all the oppressed classes.”

“We express full solidarity with our Hindu community in Sindh which is forced into exodus. PTI will protect all vulnerable classes.”

“Steel Mill workers have not been paid for the last three months – this cannot happen at any cost under PTI rule!”

“We will unite the whole of Pakistan. PTI is a national party, not of a province. It belongs to the common man!”

“PTI has no nepotism or favoritism. My children would not come into politics – we will bring total merit.”

“No nation can progress without total merit.”

“Ask Miandad, how merit-based was the policy of Imran Khan when he led Pakistan on the cricket fields!”

“Pakistan smashed opposition as a matter of course on cricket fields during my captaincy as I selected the team on merit.”

“I sympathize with my Sindhi people – that you have been fooled for a long time – dead Bhutto’s name has been abused for far too long.”

“PTI is coming to Interior Sindh to empower the common man – we’ll fight the brutal feudals decisively.”

“Karachi target killings cannot be done without the support of political parties which rule at the moment.”

“PTI will vanquish target killing in Karachi through systematic and robust policies and planned operation by depoliticized police.”

“Lyari youth will be liberated by PTI.”

“I’ll fight all the mafias of Karachi, and would bring total freedom for Karachiites!”

“We have to liberate our nation. It is not long before Nawaz Sharif resigns.”

“We were blamed for being directed by some force to be at these dharnas! It’s a preposterous accusation – all come with free will!”

“My dear Karachiites, promise me if a VIP blocks roads, then you must take swift action.”

“Pakistan’s future VIPs are the farmers, the laborers, the common man!”

“I thank the women, the girls, the other youth who have all come here – you have the most political acumen!”

“You are very politically aware, Karachiites – you will never bow to any injustice and won’t allow rigging again!”

“I can see Naya Pakistan on the horizon, after what extraordinary reception and celebrations I have seen here!”

“Lahore, I’m coming! Get ready!!

(Compiled by Hamza Salman, a PTI Volunteer)