Dear Pakistanis


Make a promise with me that from today onwards you will not tolerate tyranny and oppression. Now Nawaz Sharif wants to talk to an ‘absconder’, if I were the PM I’d have never been talking to a corrupt or absconder. You have taken out arrest warrants against me, Mian Sahab, now I refuse to talk to you. 5 points were agreed already when PTI delegation was talking to the government. We will not end our Dharna in any shape without getting justice, wont leave Islamabad. The nation knows me for the last 40 years, am I terrorist, how could arrest warrants be issued against me. My arrest warrants are issued but no arrest warrants issued for the killers of Model Town and Aug 31 carnage. Ishaq Dar had admitted in an affidavit regarding money laundering he did for Nawaz Sharif, warrants should be issued for Nawaz. Gen Durrani admitted giving Rs 3.5 million to Nawaz Sharif in Supreme Court, why no arrest warrants or action against him. I am not a criminal but Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are. Imran Khan  ‪#‎SahiwalForPTI‬:

A Real Bhutto and Pakistan Khan By Zeeshan Abro


A genetically born Zardari turned Bhutto cannot uphold the legacy of Great “Bhutto Family”.

This self- belief did not let me support Zardari run “Pakistan Peoples’ Party”. Since I am more a Pakistani than a Sindhi, I picked the best available choice from Pakistan’s political showcase “Pakistan Tahreek-e- Insaaf”. I am not a full time member of PTI but I support Imran Khan for greater cause of Naya Pakistan.

PTI’s rising in KPK and Punjab has not made any significant political dent in Sindh as yet. There were rumors that Fatima Bhutto (Daughter of Shaheed Murtaza Bhutto) would join PTI. This gave a hope for better lives of deprived people of Sindh who have been living miserably for decades now.

I believed that combination of Imran Khan and Fatima Bhutto would definitely bring a new dawn of prosperity & happiness for 190 Million people of Pakistan. Khan with his team would fight the status quo in North & Central Pakistan whereas; Bhutto with her pure and untrimmed Jiyalas would challenge them in South.

Unfortunately, all these dreams vanished when my brother shared me a Video clip of Fatima Bhutto criticizing Imran Khan. All the allegations in that video have been addressed here:

Fatima in her video says that imran khan has an extreme coziness with dictators especially with general zia ul haq; quoting his pride of performance award and zia’s request to bring him back to cricket as captain.

Unfortunately, Miss Bhutto did not even know that it was not only Imran Khan who received Pride of Performance award from Zia. There were over 70 other individuals who received the same award from 1980-87 from dictator. Some of the great names were Malcom Steves Forbes (Publisher of Forbes) Jahanhir Khan, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Intekhab Alam, Abdul Qadir, Allan Faqir, Roohi Bano, Abida Parveen, Muhamamd Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Firdos Jamal, Haseena Moin, Amjad Islam Amjad and others. Receiving an award was mere a recognition of his exceptional cricket performance.

She has criticized Khan over General Zia’s request to bring him back to cricket as a Captain.

Yes! He asked him to come back. Khan came back and ended up winning the only Cricket World Cup for his country. General Zia requested him on his extraordinary leadership skills.

I hope she knows that Imran Khan as captain played 48 Test matches and only lost eight times. In his Second ever test match as captain, he defeated England for the first time in 28 years’ history of Pakistan Cricket on English soil, at Lord’s, London. After his return to Cricket, he toured to West Indies and recorded a draw against the giants of 80’s. Khan took 23 wickets in that same three test match series.

It is needless to say that Khan was the best Cricket Captain this world has ever witnessed so far. He was not only recognized by Genral Zia, but he also received several other awards including but not limited to:

· The Cricket Society Wetherall,- 1976 & 1980
· Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1983
· Sussex Cricket Society Player of the Year 1985,
· Indian Cricket Cricketer of the Year, 1990,
· Asian Jewel Awards in London, 2004
· Humanitarian Award at the Asian Sports Awards in Kuala Lumpur, 2007
· ICC Hall of Fame 2011
· Asia Society’s Person of the Year 2012.

Miss Bhutto has criticized Imran Khan over his support to General Parvez Musharaf’s referendum.

Khan has apologized to the nation several times on supporting General Musharaf’s referendum. History witnesses that Great Leaders make mistakes too, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gnadhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela or even her grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made few mistakes. As she recognizes her grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for his services, she should not forget that it was Bhutto who brought General Zia as Army Chief. That was not a mistake but a blunder that nation is still paying. It never means that their struggle for the people and a better society was anything disloyal.

She is worried that if Imran Khan comes into power- women would live more in disparity.

On other hand, Moulana Fazal Urehman and his peers have been blustering badly about women’s role in Khan’s dharna (Protest). If Khan believes as orthodox Muslims do; he would never encourage girls to attend his dharna without covering their face. Even Pakistan People’s Party (so-called Leftist) thinks that PTI’s dharna, are full of dancing shows for women. Few days ago, Imran Khan celebrated Women’s day on the container. There were women all over his container while he was addressing.

She criticized Khan’s opposition on Hudood Ordinance but does not know the reason:

Imran Khan opposed Hudood Ordinance by explaining that the real problem was the underlying Ordinance. PTI vows to propose a new Women Protection Bill when in power; and that bill will give equal rights to Women in Pakistan.

To my surprise, if Miss Bhutto is seriously worried about women in Pakistan!! She must consider below facts and become more vocal about the current depressed situation of women in the country.

· 16,000 women die of pregnancy related complication every year
· 1,000 die in ‘honor Killing’ annually
· 5,000 women die annually on domestic violence
· One child dies every minute in Pakistan

Fatima Bhutto says that Imran Khan supported TTP on imposing Shariat Law in Swat Valley.

When France and other countries can pass a bill on face covering, or when Scotland asks their citizens to vote for separation; you call it Democracy. When Swat asks their citizens to vote in favor or against Shariat Law you call it Terrorism. Every human being should have an equal opportunity to choose a better life style for themselves. You can oppose Khan’s point of view but cannot doubt his abilities as a leader or his patriotism as a Pakistani.

In Pakistan, his opponents yell that Khan is working on Anglo-American agenda. They call him and his ex-wife a Yahoodi agent (Israeli Agent). Some leftists like Miss Bhutto believe that, he is Pro-Taliban and an extremist.

Ask millions of Pakistanis, they believe that he is a leftist Muslim; who has Islamic faith in human rights, peace and prosperity. He is the only hope for a better Pakistan & global peace.

Rebuttal to Altaf Hussain By Yasir Shah


I am a Pakistani. I am also a Sindhi. I have witnessed my country go through turmoil year in and year out. I grew up in Karachi, where firing was a daily occurrence, strikes were a monthly if not weekly hindrance which kept us out of school and stuck inside our homes for the day. Why are we stuck inside, we would ask? ‘Halat kharab hein’ our parents would reply, and quickly change the topic.

As I grew older, the shutter down strikes, mid-day firings and regular bomb blasts became a painful and frequent occurrence. Blood was being spilled time and time again, it seemed like it would never stop. Equally painful was the fact that many of us grew accustomed to reading about people being killed every day in the newspapers, with a small paragraph, quite matter-of-factly informing the readers how ‘Na-Malum Afraad’ had fired upon someone or the other and fled after murdering the victim. Police is investigating, the story would end. Another day, and the paragraph would return, only the location of the incident and the victims would change.

In the drawing rooms, living rooms and restaurants, we would talk about the happenings in our city. Why were we constantly living in fear? Why was there such turmoil in Karachi all the time? Why were we scared to enter certain parts of the city? Some would accuse political parties, others would call it a conspiracy to de-stabilize Pakistan’s largest city through the hands of RAW, our favorite Indian spy agency. Some others felt the instability and killings flourished due to the hidden hands in the corridors of power who wanted to use force and intimidation to keep certain political forces in check.

As young students easily influenced by sights and sounds, our parents did their best to shelter us from the depressing events that were an everyday reality in Karachi. Before the days of electronic media, 24/7 news reporting, twitter, Facebook and online reporting, we were more or less confined to the morning papers, evening dailies promoting sensational headlines, and off course our dear reliable source for all the Government’s daily activities, PTV.

Unfortunately, no one could shelter us from the ground realities. Karachi was a war-zone through most of the late 80s and the 90s, and blood stains had not spared any of Karachi’s streets.

Through this period, certain people tried to create ethnic and religious divisions in the city and promoted violence and intolerance. Shias vs Sunnis. Mohajirs vs Pathans. Mohajirs vs Sindhis.

People who did not identify with any political party or sect, were dragged into the conflict when they witnessed their loved ones fall prey to the bullets of hate. Others were brainwashed by those who were delegated to guide them towards the right path, yet chose to do the exact opposite.

Through it all, I never once found myself questioning my friends or classmates, whether they were Mohajirs or Sindhis or Pathans. Did it matter? Not to me. Not to them, either. For all purposes, we were Pakistanis first, and everything else came later. When we would visit each other’s homes, study for an exam, play cricket, go out to lunch or dinner, not once was our ethnicity or our political belief, a source of unease or tension. I was, as I am today, proud of my Sindhi heritage. My friends were equally proud of their own backgrounds and heritage. The word Mohajir was never used by us, and nor was it a source of contention.

When Altaf Hussain claims that ‘Mohajirs’ were being discriminated against, and treated as second class citizens and outsiders, I cannot help but remember my school days in Karachi when he used to say the exact same things, to incite hatred and violence. In Sindh today we have lots of problems to deal with. There is a lack of infrastructure, basic necessities, accountability and justice, however one thing that we have an abundance of in Sindh, is love and respect for one another. Sindh embraced those who migrated to this province when others were reluctant to allow them in. Sindh opened their doors and their hearts to all, and those who were not influenced by hate-mongers like Altaf Hussain, never considered someone whose primary language was Urdu, to be a child of a lesser God.

Furthermore, on the green passport that every Pakistani is entitled to there is no identification of Sindhi or Mohajir or Pathan. Nor is it imperative for any disclosure of such information to any company, department or organization. If I speak Sindhi, I do not get a VIP pass. And nor do I want one.

The reality of people like Altaf Hussain is no longer a secret. Some are still interested in continuing to humor him with false importance, and use his politics of ethnic divisions and hatred to checkmate their political opponents. Most of us however are sick and tired of people like him, who attempt to cause divisions between friends and brothers.

Those who are wise enough can see through the devious ones who use divisions to promote their own agendas. We are meant to be living in a civilized society, where freedom of speech is a liberty afforded to all, however once in a while someone like Altaf Hussain comes along and the boundaries of those liberties are stretched to their limit and beyond. Then I find myself questioning, do we really need to give people like him any liberty whatsoever? Does he really deserve it to begin with?

In conclusion, I would repeat Altaf Hussain’s claim that ‘Mohajirs’ had been discriminated against for years, and treated as second class citizens and outsiders. To Altaf Hussain, I would end with a verse from Habib Jalib as a simple response, one which the majority of Pakistanis already understand and in agreement with:

Iss khulay jhoot ko,
Zehan ki loot ko,
Main naheen maanta,
Main naheen jaanta.

Testimonial by Alizah Rashid age 12 from Islamabad on #AzadiSquare Movement

alizaI am a twelve year old. And like every twelve year old, every previous political event meant only one thing to me; holidays from school. But when IK announced the azadi dharna, I noticed a change, not only in myself but in others of my age. All of us were not excited about the vacations but we ended up being very eager to join this event. We all think of D chowk as a place for festivities, where everybody rejoices a Naya Pakistan.

I feel very proud that we all are finally rising as a nation, united without any differences. When I see a rich girl offering a seat to a poor, old lady at the Azadi square, I give all the credit to Imran Khan whose tiring efforts are what united us all under that green and red flag. I often find myself convincing my mother to go to D chowk and see that amazing man. My mother, fan of IK’s since his cricket days is ever-ready and I quickly put on my sneakers to go to the place which glitters green and red always.

When I go into the ladies enclosure, my heart swells with happiness. I have never seen such conviction in women, all of whom USED to be scared of rushy areas. Now, all I see on their faces is determination to achieve Azadi. Well I guess, Nawaz Sharif should really be ashamed because even women and children scream ‘Go!’ Whenever that energetic voice of Faisal Javed Khan says ‘Go Nawaz!’ All us have only one dream, to meet the man who created the hospital, the university and increased our love for Pakistan. And a few days back, that dream came true.

We came to meet a blessing in disguise, Nafeesa Khattak, who proved to be our way to Khan Sahab’s container. Let me just notify all those with the misconception, that is no luxurious container. It is just a simple, little room with no royal washrooms and no LCDs. As I stood waiting for Khan Sahab to descent from the stage, I was almost jumping with excitement. And when he came inside, I almost let a few tears of happiness escape. A relative of IK’s shot a picture Of us. It was a magical moment. As I stood beside the Chairman of PTI, it felt as though 4th October was really only a wondrous dream. Now, all I hope is that our picture gets posted on the PTI official page.

My dearest wish is to contribute to a Naya Pakistan. My hope is to have a little more time with Khan and my dream is to live in a country I can be proud of. Imran Khan zindabad. Go Nawaz Go.

An Ode to the Great Khan By Saad Saeed

It was 18th September 2014. We waited for the time when Khan would speak at the protest camp. As usual he started around 9.30. There were all those anecdotes, historical references and incidents, achievements and struggles from his own life but there was something unusual about his speech that night. There was something unusual in his eyes and something new in his speech. With somewhat misty eyes he narrated the famous ending moments of the last sermon by the greatest leader of Humanity, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) where he asked the listeners whether they would testify to God that he, Muhammad (PBUH), conveyed His message to them lucidly and forcefully. The respectful audience replied in affirmative and then they started weeping because it was evident that Prophet’s mission was complete and the time was perhaps near when, physically, he would no longer be within them.

But why did Imran quote this. Perhaps he wanted his Pakistanis to “listen” to his unspoken words that he has nothing more to say or to reveal to them. Perhaps he wanted his audience to realize that all he could do was to show them the unity in the lines of the oppressors and the disarray in those of the oppressed. That he has been left with nothing more to offer to them except his “life”. He has given away his personal comfort and ruined away his marital life, has resigned from the seats won by sheer hard work and against all odds and all forces. His work is over. Now the battle has to be fought by those whose rights are being trampled underfoot by the ruling elite.

You may agree with it or not. But this is my comprehension of his speech.

People ask us will your leader succeed in getting someone Big’s resignation. We don’t reply anymore. We have reconciled with the fact that we are different from them. There is a gap of eons between us and them which we have accepted.

All day long we wait for Khan’s main speech at the protest camp but for what? Is there any new thing he would say? Any new steps or strategy, he would announce? Nothing. People can’t understand why we wait for Khan. They can’t understand why we listen to his speeches when we know beforehand there will be nothing new.

They won’t understand that we want to see him because through his eyes we see a better future. We listen to him because in him speaks the combined voice of the youth. We see him on the container and we become aware of our own existence. The newspapers, newsmen, anchors, our opponents and to some extent our elders, all of them, they can’t understand that we “the believers of Khan” and “the believers in Khan” interact with him and connect with him on that transcendent plain which is out of reach for the mundane skeptics. We hear the echoes of his voice deep down in the realms our hearts where nothing except truth and love reign. Right or Wrong, Success or Failure, Dharna No Dharna: Nothing matters to us anymore.

The biggest news for us is: “Khan is there”.

In the eyes of Khan and through the eyes of Khan we see a dream: A dream of a better Pakistan, a resilient Pakistan and a flamboyant Pakistan. We see a respectable Pakistan and a respectable future for its coming generations.

For us IK is not only an agent of change. He is an agent of “Hope”: something which is on the verge of extinction here in Pakistan. He gave us hope on October 30th 2011 with his message of change, he gave us hope on the eve of last year’s general election with his message of a better future through ballot box and he gave us hope in the postelection dark days with his message of confidence in Pakistan’s judicial system.

Now when all the doors seemed closed and we were fast becoming pessimists and had started reconciling with the established order of the day, there came Khan, exuding confidence, energy, will power and personifying struggle determination and perseverance.

Today, he has again given us hope with his message of resilience and resistance against the injustices of a stinking despicable loathsome dark and rigid staus quo. After braving forty hard days and tormenting nights of struggle, rainstorms, humidity, gales, baton charges, police actions, teargasing, ridicules from outside and betrayals from within, the seed Khan had sown on a sweltering day of the 14th August, is fast blossoming into a beautiful flower whose fragrance is seeping through each strata of our society. A movement of struggle and resistance against a system of oppression is in the offing which can no more be smothered. The solitary and weak whispers for change have transformed into ONE voice for change and it cannot be stifled anymore. From now onwards we will never allow a usurper of any shade, be it Khaki or civilian, to deny us our rights and muffle our voices. We will shout for our rights. We will fight for our rights. (And on lighter note: We will dance for our rights)

The day is not far off when the biggest news for the world outside will not be that “Khan is there”. It would be “Yes, Pakistani Nation is there and is alive”

Targeted: Three brothers attacked in Hyd

Hadi Mughal Ex ISF Office Bearer Hyderabad District, Recently joined Army martyred in Hyderabad Shooting.#RIP

PTI Senior Leader Faisal Mughal Admitted in Karachi Hospital

HYDERABAD: Unidentified assailants forced their way into a house in Journalists Colony, located near the Hyderabad Central Jail, and opened fire at the occupants who were seated in the lounge at the time.

The attack was carried out on Tuesday morning by two to three assailants. They barged into the house and opened fire at the three brothers, identified as Abdul Hadi, Faisal Mughal and Hasnain, who were present in the lounge at the time.

Hadi, who succumbed to his wounds during treatment, was a second lieutenant in Pakistan Army. Of other two injured, Faisal, who is a lawyer by profession and the Paksitan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s vice-chairperson for Hyderabad, was shifted to Karachi in critical condition. Hasnain, who is also a lawyer, is undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital, Hyderabad.

The victims’ brother, Babar Mughal, told Daily Sitara Sindh News that the family has no personal enmity with anyone and had not received any threats recently. Their father, Ghulam Nabi Mughal, was a chief engineer in the irrigation department.

Baldia Police Station SHO Zafar Wako said that the police have inspected the crime scene and have found several empty shells of 9mm pistols from the site. He added that the incident was not a robbery as nothing was missing from the house. Police have, however, been unable to ascertain the motive behind the attack.

A Profound Insight to the Biggest Jalsa in the History of Pakistan By Saud Bin Younis

I have been planning to write about Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s jalsa I attended at Minar e Pakistan in Lahore. I couldn’t manage to put everything together until today when I thought I should give it a try. The reason it took so long to write this article is that there was so much I saw that day which even brought tears in my eyes and I had so many thoughts in my mind so I didn’t know where to start. I am going to give it a go and will share some of the stories from what I experienced and saw that day which I believe was once in a life time moment.

1. I was at the site of jalsa the night before just to see how is everything going and I saw this young guy with no legs in a wheel chair somewhere in the corner holding PTI flags and wearing a PTI cap. He wasn’t saying much but was just looking at us and observing others. I couldn’t stop myself from going up to him and to talk to him. I asked his name and he told me his name is Yawar not sure if I am spelling it right. I asked him why are you here and who you with? He replied “I am here by my own and have come here today because as you can see I can not walk and I know there are going to be so many people tomorrow and the government might block the roads so I will not be able to reach the jalsa and won’t be able to see Imran Khan”. He added that he had to drive his wheel chair for more than 7-8 miles just to be here and he is going to sleep here tonight so that he is able to attend the jalsa. I admit, I had tears in my eyes by then and I was hardly been able to hold it in yet I managed to ask him one more question, why is this jalsa so important to you? He answered, “I want to see Imran Khan and I have a strong belief in Naya Pakistan. Pakistan in which people like me will be served with equal rights and I have always wanted to study and go to college but I was not able to because my parents could not afford my education. I am here to support Imran Khan so that he can make a Naya Pakistan and kick these goons and thugs out so that all of us can live happily and peacefully”. I thanked him and encouraged him for his act of bravery and just took my self to a side and calmed my self down as I was at the verge of crying. All that time I was thinking, Imran Khan, you are right: “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai”.

A Profound Insight to the Biggest Jalsa in the History of Pakistan2. I couldn’t sleep during the night after speaking to the guy and was waiting for the morning so that I can call all my friends and ask them to leave for tha jalsa. We had set a time that we all will gather on Liberty Round About in Lahore around 2PM and will make our way to Minar e Pakistan. I was up and calling all my friends at 9am in the morning and asking them to leave now. Some said Yes and some said No. We, the ones who said yes decided to gather around 12 and the other will join us later at Minar e Pakistan. When we went to Liberty round about, we all were stunned and thrilled to see people they’re celebrating and dancing to PTI songs. I also saw families in their cars taking pictures and stopping by to distribute fresh water bottles amongst the ones who were there from the morning. We parked our car and just stood there to look at people celebrating Naya Pakistan until we managed to leave in a form of rally including all the people there at Liberty. Normally it takes just about 30-40mins to reach Minar e Pakistan from Liberty but it took us four and half hours that day. While on our way we saw Kids holding play cards which had #GoNawazGo written on them. We stopped by at a petrol station to fuel our car and there was a building right next to exit of that petrol station and I can never ever forget that there were two really young girls not more than 4-5years chanting #GoNawazGo from the window. My friends and me just looked at each other but did not say anything because it was clear enough that the change is here. Partying all the way through, we were just 5 miles away from Minar e Pakistan with so many people on the road that it was highly unlikely if we are going to make it on time. We decided to park our car in the nearest street and to walk towards the site. We finally managed to reach the jalsa and I tell you it was not easy. We had to climb 3 fences to reach to the ground as the government had containers placed and had blocked all the entry points. We were literally stunned to see so many people at one place as it was my first ever jalsa and have never seen such thing as this jalsa. Not even the ground was jam packed but the Azadi Flyover too and I said to my friends I hope people don’t fall from the bridge as there are so many of them and I hope the bridge doesn’t come down.

3. It was just after Imran Khan had come on the Mic and had addressed his tigers to protect his tigresses and to give them respect. I saw two girls with their little brother struggling to reach to the families section but there were so many people that it was almost impossible for them to reach there. What I saw next was, some of the guys also known as Imran Khan’s tigers had made a circle by joining their hands and took those girls and their little brother in that circle and to make sure they safely reach the families section and they did. I lived a proud moment and I swear to Allah I was so proud to be a Pakistani to have witnessed such respect and obedience. When Imran Khan says that this nation is the greatest of all nations, he has seen all this and that is why he is waking this nation up because when this nation will wake up, Pakistan will be the country progressing by days and nights.

I can go on and on and can write probably through the night but believe me I am in short of words. It was an experience, a feeling to attend this jalsa, which cannot be expressed in words. There are no words to do justice to describe the passion, hope and determination to make a Naya Pakistan. It is to be felt and I am so lucky and proud to have been a part of what is claimed to be the biggest jalsa in the history of Pakistan. In the end I would say: “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai”.