No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi, many other districts


KARACHI: The closure of only 28 unregistered seminaries in Benazirabad and 139 in Hyderabad since the launch of a province-wide operation against 1,423 unregistered seminaries has displeased the authorities who have directed the law-enforcers to ‘go for a fierce hunt’, it emerged on Wednesday.

At least 579 unregistered madressahs — two dozens of them being allegedly involved in extremism — have been functioning in Karachi besides hundreds of others elsewhere in the province, but the law-enforcers appear to be reluctant to take action against them because of the street power many of them wield and the support they get from religious groups and parties, according to officials.

The progress was reviewed at the latest meeting of the apex committee which discussed the issue threadbare and such figures disappointed both Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Corps Commander Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar who said the situation should have been much better than what was being presented before them.

A report prepared by the Sindh Police and submitted to the home department shows that just 167 unregistered madressahs — 139 in Hyderabad and 28 in Benazirabad — have been sealed by the authorities so far. They included 95 Barelvi madressahs, 63 Shia, five Deobandi and four Ahl-i-Hadith madressahs.

No seminary has been sealed in Karachi, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur and Larkana at all, according to the report

“This should be unacceptable to everyone who is striving to restore peace to Sindh,” said a senior official in the home department, adding that the chief minister asked them to go for a ‘fierce hunt’ against all unregistered madressahs.

The report identified a total of 4,021 madressahs in Sindh. Of them, 2,598 were registered and 1,423 unregistered. But the report mentioned that a list of unregistered madressahs was still being prepared by police.

The district-wise number of madressahs documented by the home department shows Tando Allahyar with the least seminaries (30) and Karachi West with the most of madressahs (1,358).

Officials said they had sealed 139 out of 286 unregistered madressahs in Hyderabad and 28 out of 61 in Benazirabad. None of over 1,200 unregistered madressahs elsewhere in Sindh, which included 559 unregistered madressahs only in Karachi West, have been touched so far.

A total of 1,887 madressahs have been identified in Karachi out of which 1,308 are registered. Divided in seven zones, the breakdown of the registered madressahs is: Karachi East (86), Korangi (138), Malir (108), Karachi Central (295), Karachi South (46), Karachi City (76) and Karachi West (559).

An official of the home department said: “We are expediting our effort and orders have been placed to all the relevant departments including the industries ministry to amend its rules forthwith relating to granting permission for the construction of new madressahs.”

No action against new construction

Nearly half of the madressahs across the province were situated in Karachi, the officials said, admitting that no action had been taken so far to stop the construction of new madressahs without having formal permission and registration. “But we are trying to make all possible efforts to stop construction of unregistered seminaries and close the ones already open and spreading its influence and space,” the official added.

Sources privy to the apex committee meeting said that a pro forma had been finalized for the registration of seminaries in the province. They said the pro forma would require management of a madressah to fill in the details of students, teachers and sources of fund, if any, it received.

An official requesting anonymity told Dawn that the reluctance shown by the officials taking action against seminaries in Karachi and certain madressahs elsewhere in Sindh was because of the street power which a number of those seminaries manifested from time to time in the past and were considered to be the ‘reserve force’ for certain religious groups and parties.

“A large number of those seminaries are supported by some political and religious parties, which is the one greatest hurdle in our plan in addition to the street power,” the official said.

Official figures say 388,327 students are enrolled with madressahs in Sindh. Of them, 269,325 students were enrolled with 2,598 registered and around 119,002 enrolled with 1,423 unregistered madressahs.

Ten out of 663 foreign students are found to be enrolled with unregistered madressahs, according to the report.

Officials said majority of the madressahs were owned by Wafaq-ul-Madaris Arabia (Deoband), followed by Tanzeem-ul-Madaris Ahle Sunnat (Barelvi), Wafaq-ul-Madaris (Fiqh Jafria) and Wafaq Al-Sulfia (Ahle Hadith).

JI chief announces Rs1bn bounty for Modi’s arrest


RAWALAKOT: Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) chief Senator Sirajul Haq on Monday announced Rs1 billion reward for anyone who arrests Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing a gathering in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)’s Rawalakot region, the JI chief said that India has failed to arrest Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin despite keeping a reward on his arrest.

“I want to say to Modi that you and your agents cannot arrest Salahuddin. And you say whoever will arrest Salahuddin, we will give him Rs 50 crore. I too say that whoever arrests Modi, we will give him Rs1 billion,” he added.

The JI chief was also critical of federal government for granting India the status of ‘Most favoured nation (MFN)’.

“Unless Kashmir issue is resolved, anyone who tries to befriend India is a traitor to both Pakistan and Kashmir,” he said, adding that, “If you want the friendship of Hindustan, then go to Hindustan, to Delhi and to Mumbai, there is no place for you in Islamabad.”

Haq blamed Modi for killing hundreds of civilians in Jammu and Kashmir and Gujrat and slammed the government for not paying heed to Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Our relations with India are conditional to Kashmir’s freedom,” he said.

The Futility of the Strong Password Solution


After experiencing a data breach, most companies take a number of measures to strengthen security, including advising users to change their passwords and to make them strong.

Although it stopped short of confirming that it was hacked or that any customer data had been exposed, Amazon-owned Twitch last week notified users that its network might have been hacked and that some user account information might have been exposed.

Among the actions Twitch took to protect its users were expiring passwords and stream keys, and disconnecting user accounts from Twitter and YouTube.

That meant users would have to create new passwords the next time they attempted to log into their accounts — and Twitch imposed new requirements that would force users to create strong ones.

One might think Twitch users would be upset at the possibility their data was stolen. However, the outcry that ensued was not due to fear of exposure. Users were angry that Twitch was attempting to force them to use unwieldy, difficult-to-remember passwords — like !70v3Gr33n@pple$auce?, which is the example the company provided of one it considered good.

Give Me a Break

“Why cant I pick my own passwords? I don’t care how strong or weak they are, i want to be able to chose. There’s no point on making it stronger if whoever is hacking into your database is going to get access to it anyways,” wrote NO SEK on the Twitch user forum.

“The password requirements are stupid. Its not our passwords that were bad – its THEIR SECURITY that is bad, and all the complex passwords in the world cant fix that. This wasn’t a brute force attack on passwords, this was YOU ***failing*** to secure your servers. You got owned, not us,” wrote Murdabenne.

“Twitch, your security people are idiots, tell them to take a human factors class and then rethink your requirements for your users. Fix the problem, _your_ problem — which is your security, not our passwords,” Murdabenne added.

“I can’t remember passwords with capitals or more than one or two numbers. I seriously can’t. This is so ridiculous,” wrote Lumakiri.

“Who the f*ck thought of this system, this isn’t personal banking, let me use whatever password I desire,” said chronicpayne.

Twitch’s response? After being pelted by its subscribers, it did an about-face: “We’ve heard your concerns about overly-restrictive password requirements, and have reduced them to an 8 character minimum. Best practices regarding password security remain true. ”

What’s at Risk

The degree to which users are at risk if hackers get their hands on passwords is highly variable.

“A lot of the risk threat is going to depend on what the criminals do with the information. There are two ways they can leverage it. One is decrypting the passwords. The other is using them on other social media sites, said J. Wolfgang Goerlich, cybersecurity strategist at CBI.

“Typically users keep the same passwords for five or six different websites,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

Provided users adequately reset passwords to a more secure form, they should not have any additional risk on the Twitch site, noted Goerlich — but so many users objected that Twitch felt compelled to cave on its stronger-password requirements.

“That just goes to show you — breach after breach, simple things like having a reasonably complex password just get pushed down,” he said.

The fact that hackers may have obtained login information puts some Twitch users at risk elsewhere, said Chris Knapik, Thundertech digital support services manager.

“Because a person is able to subscribe to streams, or a user receives monetization from subscribers, payment information might be at risk of being leaked. Compromised information may include names, birth dates, phone numbers, addresses, usernames, email addresses and the last IP address logged in from,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

Twitch does store limited credit card information such as card type, truncated card number and expiration date, Knapik noted — but that wouldn’t be enough to put a person’s credit card information at risk.

The Amazon Question

Amazon last year acquired Twitch for US$970 million. Twitch has about 100 million viewers, on average, per month.

“Because Twitch is still a separate physical entity from Amazon, this breach has not affected anything with Amazon’s security,” Knapik pointed out.

That said, Amazon’s payment information for Twitch account holders might still be at risk — depending on the Twitch password, warned CBI’s Goerlich.

“If the users password is the same, that could give the criminals access to the user’s credit card information on Amazon … . Much of a user’s personal information could be available to let the criminal get past the challenge questions at login,” he said.

What’s Next

Considering the user rebellion against Twitch’s stronger-password requirements, it appears likely that many also rejected the company’s advice to change their identical or similar passwords on other sites.

That could put them at serious risk, suggested Alisdair Faulkner, CPO atThreatMetrix.

“The issue is that if hackers capture an email and associated password, they can use that information anywhere users share that info,” he told the E-Commerce Times. “This makes it incredibly easy for them to begin purchasing goods in your name and have them shipped directly to a new drop-off site.”

Additionally, the leak of IP addresses can be useful for hackers. They can apply geolocation data information to use proxies in a similar proximity to a Twitch user’s IP address to make logins look authentic, Faulkner said.

“Twitch itself will most likely see an increase in fraud losses as previous purchases on their site made in their customer’s name start being reported and charged back,” he predicted.

However, the biggest concern is the impact this stolen information has downstream, added Faulkner. Hackers can use that information to directly buy and sell goods in your name, or even to escalate an attack elsewhere.

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock any iPhones Permanent


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NA246 By Election Mqm, PTI, JI

karachi: according to the unofficial and unconfirmed result of all polling stations in NA-246 obtained by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) candidate kunwar Naveed Jamil is leading with the more than 93,122 Votes followed by Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf’s PTI Imran Ismail and Jamaat-I-islami’s JI Rashid Naseem to fill the second and third spot respectively.

By Election was held in Na-246 on Thursday after the seat fell vacant when Mqm Nabeel Gabol resigned from the National Assembly a few month Ago.

PTI’s Imran Ismail Bagged 22,885 votes while Ji’s Candidate Rashid Naseem managed to get around 9,000 votes.

There were reports of clash between the supporters of rival political parties at Karimabad, where PTI’s central Election office was located.

PTI Karachi president Ali Zaidi denounced the hooliganism of MQM wokers who reportedly attack PTI camp office in Karimabad, hurled stones and set the PatI flag on fire.

In a statement issued from PTI media cell, Ali Zaidi condemned the behaviour of MQM which, According to him “welcomes PTI on one hand, while on the other hand, it send party activists to attack the PTI office and workers” .

“Our peacefulness shouldn’t be considered as our weakness,” Zaidi asserted. We don’t want to spoil the peace of karachi, he added

Rangers personnel reaches karimabad to keep the crowd in check and disperse the mob which had gathered outside PTI election office. They batton-charged the protestor and aided the police’s effort to control the mob, several arrest were also made. 


Don’t bring the Saudi imperialist war to my home


Last time it happened, the Saudis sided with Zaidi Imam Muhammad al-Badr.

It was the year 1962, when revolutionaries inspired by ideas of Arab nationalism deposed the last king of Mutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen, Muhammad al-Badr, and put an end to the rule of Zaidi Imams who had been kings of Yemen for the most part of past one thousand years.

Inspired by socialist ideals, Arab nationalism had emerged as a potent ideology around the Arab world and Yemen was no exception. Jamal Abdel Nasser, the then socialist Egyptian president, backed the republicans in Yemen through military support while Saudis, along with Britain, supported the deposed Zaidi king who spearheaded insurgency against the new government.

Not many people outside Yemen know about the Zaidi sect of Islam that exists in the southern part of Arabian Peninsula.

The Zaidiyyah, who are also known as ‘Fivers’, are named after Zaid ibn Ali, the grandson of Hussain ibn Ali. Zaidis follow the jurisprudence that is more similar to Hanafi school as compared to the ‘Twelver’ Shia school of jurisprudence.

Houthis, mostly Zaidis, started as a theological movement in 1992 and spearheaded insurgency in 2004 against the then president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who himself belongs to the Zaidi sect. The Houthis, along with students and Joint Meeting Parties, participated in 2011 Yemeni revolution that followed the Tunisian revolution.

In 1962, Zaidi Shias were friends while nationalists, socialists, and communists were pronounced as foes by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2015, they have been declared as foes and an imminent danger to Saudi sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It is most convenient to paint the whole conflict with broad brushstrokes of Shia/Sunni and Arab/Ajam binaries while ignoring the role of imperial baggage, complex socio-political realities, and all-powerful ruling Arab dynasties.

Also see: Bad Saudi vibes

These simplistic binaries serve as a smokescreen to conceal the ulterior motives of ruling dynasties and autocratic regimes that have come down hard on voices of dissent in the wake of Arab Spring.

This is not a war waged by Sunnis against Shias nor is it the battle between Ajam and Arab – it is simply an act of dynastic self-preservation.

Not unlike the rest of the world, the Muslim world is not a monolith. Muslim societies are diverse on many different levels, with myriad divisions on national, ethnic, linguistic and sectarian lines. The majority of Muslims living in this world are neither Arab nor Persian. And if history has taught us anything, it is that identities cannot be stripped forcefully. It’s a bloody path to tread.

Pakistan is a country with a diverse population. People speak so many different languages, adhere to many different religious schools of thought, and come from different ethnic backgrounds. The state’s miscalculated adventures inside and outside the country have only exacerbated the sense of alienation in many of the communities here.

The state’s obsession with colouring the populace with the same ideological colour has gone terribly wrong.

Read: Foreign funding of militancy

Saudi Arabia and Iran are the only two Muslim majority states whose raison d’être is interlinked with particular Muslim sects. Former adheres to Wahabism, while latter adheres to Twelver Shi’ism.

Owing to the Pakistani state’s obsession with doing away with Indian identity and ideological tilting towards Arabs, Saudi Arabia wields a way more consequential influence over Pakistan.

According to one WikiLeaks cable, Saudi ambassador to the US once proudly asserted that, “we in Saudi Arabia are not observers in Pakistan, we are participants”.

After getting rid of British imperialism, there is a new kind of socio-cultural imperialism that has made inroads into Pakistani society: Arab imperialism

From the illegal funding of madrassahs and the TV evangelists to pop stars, to cricketers, to politicians, to language; the imprints are unmistakable. With each shrine blown up, and every imambargah torched; there’s a bit of indigenous Pakistan that dies silently.

Instead of becoming a part of another Saudi-led war, it is probably the time to ask all the right questions.

It is probably the time to ponder why all the Muslim cities that have diverse populations are burning.

It is probably time to reflect on why Beirut is in flames, and Cairo is bleeding, and Kabul is ravaged, and Aleppo is sacked, and Peshawar is crying, and Baghdad is bruised, and Sana’a is trembling. Why not Tehran, Riyadh, and Doha?

Instead of bringing another war home for the sake of a ruling dynasty, it is probably time to clean the blood and tears brought about by ‘strategic depth’.

Rangers raid MQM HQ in Karachi, detain member of Rabita Committee


KARACHI: A heavy contingent of Rangers raided Nine Zero, the headquarters of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Karachi’s Azizabad neighbourhood on Wednesday morning, prompting a protest by party activists and a subsequent call for a day of “peaceful mourning” across the country.

A number of party workers including member of MQM’s Rabita Committee Amir Khan were detained during the raid. Rabita Committee is MQM’s central coordination cell.

Conspicuously, the operation was managed and executed by members of the paramilitary force alone and there was no sign of local police in the area.

A summary of the raid and subsequent events:

  • Rangers raid Nine Zero, seize large cache of arms and detain workers
  • MQM says office bearer killed during raid
  • Cameraman injured while reporting on the scene
  • Rangers say no man killed, hardened criminals arrested
  • MQM announces peaceful protest
  • Schools close, examinations postponed as citizens fear violence
A large number of party workers including member of MQM's central coordination cell Amir Khan were arrested by Rangers during the raid. - Reuters
A large number of party workers including member of MQM’s central coordination cell Amir Khan were arrested by Rangers during the raid. – Reuters

The Rangers raid at the headquarters of one of the largest political parties in the country today appears to have symbolic significance in the Karachi operation that has been underway since October 2013.

Police and Rangers personnel routinely target suspected militant hideouts and report killings of Taliban members in ‘encounters’ in the city. Moreover, the MQM has in the recent past accused the Rangers of involvement in illegal detention and extrajudicial killings of its members. In that stead, today’s raid and arrests appear to be the climax of the complex dynamics between the two sides.

The development comes in hours after a consensus was reached on who will chair the Senate with the MQM on board with the government. Senior members of the party have been expressing their shock at the latest turn of events and have been denying the claims made by Rangers of the party harbouring “hardcore criminals” at its headquarters.

Rangers have authority, not justice: Altaf

MQM Chief Altaf Hussain in a telephonic address denounced the raid by Rangers on Nine Zero.

Following is a summary of his address:

  • Altaf said that this was the first time that the house of a political party chief was raided
  • Addressing Rangers personnel, he remarked that Rangers have authority but they are unable to deliver justice
  • He said that the establishment does not tolerate MQM’s presence
  • He maintained that the ammunition seized from Nine Zero by Rangers does not belong to MQM. He further said that if the weapons belonged to MQM, they would not have been stored in Nine Zero
  • He claimed that the ammunition recovered was planted by Rangers personnel themselves, who carried it inside concealed in blankets
  • Altaf demanded that “terrorism in the name of search operations” be stopped
  • He claimed that more than 60 people were arrested during the raid by Rangers
  • He said that the demise of party worker Waqas Ali Shah has deeply upset him.

Party office bearer killed: MQM

MQM spokesperson Wasay Jalil said a senior party office bearer, Waqas Ali Shah of the central information committee, was killed by Rangers during the raid.

Jalil said that Shah was killed in straight fire by Rangers personnel around 7:45am Wednesday morning. “Dozens of mobiles of Rangers appeared at Nine Zero around 6AM. Personnel proceeded to raid the 50 offices in our headquarters. They went to each office, went through all the files and broke telephones.”

A picture showing Waqas Ali Shah of MQM's central information committee who the party says was killed in the raid. Photo courtesy: Facebook
A picture showing Waqas Ali Shah of MQM’s central information committee who the party says was killed in the raid. Photo courtesy: Facebook

Additional IG Sindh police Ghulam Qadir Thebo while speaking to DawnNews said that Shah was not shot by Rangers personnel, but that the bullet fired were from a hand-held gun.

Rangers Director General (DG) Major General Bilal Akbar has said that MQM activist Shah did not die of gunfire by Rangers personnel. He added that the young man was shot with a TT pistol and the fact would become clear once the medical board’s report is received.

A Rangers spokesperson said no one was killed during the raid but that ‘unidentified men’ opened fire injuring an Express News cameraman.

Rangers personnel after breaking barricades leading to MQM headquarters cordoned off the area and searched through departments of the party’s offices .They also raided adjoining houses and arrested a number of MQM activists and leaders.

Rangers personnel rummaged through MQM's Nine Zero offices and adjoining houses. -DawnNews screengrab
Rangers personnel rummaged through MQM’s Nine Zero offices and adjoining houses.

Speaking to media, Col Tahir called the two hour raid a “purely information-based operation” and divulged that the Khursheed Memorial Hall at Nine Zero has been sealed and will be handed over to police for further investigation

During the raid, the Rangers cut off the telephone lines at Nine Zero, disabling communication with MQM’s international secretariat

Party leader Haider Abbas Rizvi, who is in Islamabad, confirmed the raid to and said that communication with party workers at the headquarters could not be established during the raid.

Rizvi maintained that all the weapons seized by Rangers are licensed.

Rangers spokesperson Col Tahir said the raid lasted for two hours. -DawnNews screengrab
Rangers spokesperson Col Tahir said the raid lasted for two hours.

Scores of activists and party members protested the raid by Rangers by chanting slogans. Aerial firing also ensued outside Nine Zero as activists attempted to break Rangers’ cordon.

A large number of female activists protested the raid by chanting “Go Rangers Go”.

MQM announced a day of peaceful protest against the search operation by Rangers and urged for transport services to be suspended throughout the day.

The incident has emerged on a day when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself is due to visit the metropolitan today.

Faisal Mehmood alias Faisal Mota
Faisal Mehmood alias Faisal Mota

Rangers issue details of raid

A press release was issued by Rangers soon after the raid on MQM’s headquarters.

It said: “Pakistan Rangers Sindh has conducted a series of targeted raids at Surrounding areas of 90 including Khursheed Memorial Hall today. During the above mentioned action following hardcore criminals have been arrested.”

Ubaid K 2
Ubaid K 2

Following is the Rangers press release with details of those arrested:

  1. Faisal Mota (involved in murder of Wali Khan Babur and convicted and sentenced to death by court)
  2. Farhan Shabbir aka Mullah
  3. Amir
  4. Nadir (convicted and sentenced 13 years)
  5. Ubaid K 2

Faisal Mota had been awarded the death sentence in absentia on Mar 1 2014 by an anti-terrorism court in the murder case of Wali Khan Babar, a Geo TV reporter.

Journalist injured

Express News cameraman Waseem Mughal who was at Nine Zero among other media personnel has been injured due to firing.

An employee of the Express Media Group confirmed that Mughal has been shot in the arm and that his condition is stable.

‘Stolen ammunition seized’

Weapons, recovered during a raid by paramilitary forces on MQM headquarters, are displayed for the media in Karachi March 11 2015. -Reuters
Weapons, recovered during a raid by paramilitary forces on MQM headquarters, are displayed for the media in Karachi March 11 2015. -Reuters

According to Rangers spokerperson Colonel Tahir, ammunition stolen from Nato containers was also
during the search operation at Nine Zero.

‘Weapons kept for security purposes’

MQM leader Faisal Subzwari.— DawnNews screengrab
MQM leader Faisal Subzwari.— DawnNews screengrab

Speaking to media, MQM leader Faisal Subzwari admitted that weapons were seized during the raid, but said that they were all licensed and were being kept for security in view of the threats being received from “the Taliban and other extremist elements”.

“After the Army Public School attack, even schools and colleges are now being asked to keep weapons for security. We were also told to keep weapons for our security,” he said.

MQM demands answers

Scores of protesters gathered outside Nine Zero but were not allowed to enter its premises. -DawnNews screengrab
Scores of protesters gathered outside Nine Zero but were not allowed to enter its premises. –

Soon after the news of the search operation broke, MQM leaders and activists started to gather outside the headquarters but were not allowed to enter its premises.

Speaking to DawnNews, MQM prominent leader Farooq Sattar termed the raid deeply upsetting and worth investigation. He said that MQM is compliant of all laws and instead of appreciating the party’s efforts of promoting peace, it is being treated with contempt.

He demanded of the prime minister, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar and Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad to play their due roles. Sattar also warned that the situation could be a setback to the enhancement of democratic process.

Opposition stages walkout from Senate

Members of the opposition parties staged a walkout from the Senate to register their protest against today’s raid on the MQM headquarters Nine Zero.

Petrol pumps, private schools shut down

Petrol pumps in several areas of Karachi were shut down soon after the raid. -DawnNews screengrab
Petrol pumps in several areas of Karachi were shut down soon after the raid.

Petrol pumps and private schools in several areas of Karachi have reportedly been shut down as activists in large numbers protested against the Rangers.

Examinations in Karachi University have also been postponed as citizens fear violence.

Business centres and gas stations Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Jamshoro and Mirpur Khas were also shut down.

Bus, rickshaw torched

A rickshaw was torched in Gulistan-i-Jauhar area of Karachi. -DawnNews screengrab
A rickshaw was torched in Gulistan-i-Jauhar area of Karachi.

While the MQM has maintained that the protest against the Rangers raid will be peaceful, a bus has been set alight at Gulistan-i-Jauhar while a rickshaw has been torched in Karimabad.

‘PML-N has no contention with MQM’

Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq, belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), has categorically stated that the ruling party has no contention with the MQM.

Addressing media persons he denied speculation that the raid on Nine Zero was carried out in retaliation to the MQM’s support to the PPP during the elections of the Senate chairmen.

He said that the details of the raid would be presented in the Upper House of Parliament once they were received from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah.

seized during the search operation at Nine Zero