Imran Khan may Soon Hold talks on Poll Alliance

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chief Imran Khan said on Sunday that his party had yet to take a decision on election alliance with other political parties.

However, he hinted that he would soon hold talks on the issue with some parties having no representation in parliament.

Talking to journalists at a polling booth set up for intra-party elections of the PTI here on Sunday, he said the country was passing through a difficult phase and construction of the controversial Kalabagh dam without consensus would invite more trouble.

The PTI chairman praised the Supreme Court for ordering verification of voter lists of Karachi in a transparent manner and recalled that the court had earlier observed that three million fake votes had been registered in the city.

He said that armed wings of all political parties in Karachi should immediately be disbanded and the police department should be depoliticised.

Mr Khan said that most political parties were sticking to traditional and hereditary politics, thus promoting dictatorship within their ranks.

As a result, real leadership could not come to the fore. He urged workers and supporters of the parties to prevail upon their leaders to hold intra-party elections.

Otherwise, exploitation of democratic institutions and political activists would continue.

The PTI was holding intra-party polls at a time when general elections were round the corner which proved that the party had taken first step towards real democracy, he said. “We are going to make history by taking such a revolutionary step,” he said and urged other political parties to follow suit.

Mr Khan said that “family politics” was the bane of Pakistan as a few families enjoyed monopoly over political parties while making false claims of being champions of democracy.

By holding intra-party elections, the PTI had proved itself to be a real democratic party, he said and congratulated the party’s election commission for arranging fair and transparent polls.


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