NADRA, World’s largest biometric citizen database launches the Smart cards for the first time in Pakistan after Birmingham and Germany.

Pakistani+New+nadra+Smart+Cards NADRA Smart Cards Can Be A Threat to Privacy

Technology influence is this time targeting the largest citizen database of security critical state i.e.Pakistan.

The Smart Card is a 3rd Generation Chip-based identity document that is built according to international standards and requirements. The card has over 36 physical security features and uses latest encryption codes making it the safest card in the world.

The above phrase seems wonderful in the first glimpse, on the brighter side the forgery is supposed to be ended at all by this move of NADRA, in the country where we have a large number of afghan refugees and large number of fake id cards in the people’s hand the technological based system for the person identification and implying RFID technology to be used with the chip inside the card will provide the intense level security.

I wish it was only the one view of the story, isn’t it we are providing our personal information altogether to the nadra and not only this we are providing them all rights to have all kinds of checks on one’s privacy?

Isn’t it we are heading towards the smart chips inside the humans and the concept of human barcode or the mark or beast as mentioned in bible “13:16-17” is being implemented on smaller scale, and who can guess what would be the next step of smart cards?

The barcode of a human by which anyone could be read and accessed by RFID based systems?? Or the humans would be tracked by GPS system? Nobody can escape; no nobody can do any freemasonry but what if it goes in wrong hands? The humans have always been frightened by alien existence and we have always imagined that what if aliens are having an eye upon as controlling us they can access anyone of us and they have greater technology than us, aren’t we creating those aliens out of ourselves? And human race would end up being controlled analyzed and manipulated by humans.

Moreover what kind of information that chip of smart card contains, a common man is still unaware of that and another very interesting possibility is that having different chips being installed In cards of different personalities.

And what if when you wake up one day and do your random stuff as always and the information that where you have been all the day is stored in a central database, what if you go to a protest and due to the chips inside you; they store all the information of the protestors. Isn’t it we are getting controlled? Isn’t it we are giving up our rights somewhere without knowing the possibilities? Isn’t it we are going to see the reality of the stories of pharos controlling the humans by the magic, or the stories of free masonries, so called conspiracy theories, who knows?.


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