Connecticut Shooting: “F You CNN” , says Ryan Lanza

As a result of the terrible mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut – the immediate question was who had gunned down nearly thirty people, most of them children, before taking his own life.

Early media reports suggested that the shooter was around twenty-year-old from Newtown named Ryan Lanza. A Facebook profile fitting the description was easily accessible and social media users to professional reporters at once assumed that they had found the gunman who committed the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

BuzzFeedMediaiteGawker, and Fox News speculated that the account belonged to the shooter. Journalists from SlateHuffington Post, CNN, and other news organizations tweeted links to the Facebook profile.

However, it was the wrong guy. Press reports now have identified the shooter as Adam Lanza – Ryan Lanza’s brother.

Ryan Lanza in response wrote on his Facebook account, “Fuck You CNN, it wasn’t me!”

Consequently, many profiles named ‘Ryan Lanza’ started popping up on Facebook and people with the same name on twitter experienced a colossal rise in their followers.

The icing on the cake was – the many pages on Facebook that slurred insults towards Ryan Lanza and the increasing number of hate pages devoted to Lanza condemning him.

According to the Associated Press, “a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers’ first names.” The result was that, for a few brief hours in the middle of the day, based on press speculation about the suspect’s identity, social media users brought out the digital equivalent of pitchforks and torches, vilifying the alleged shooter’s brother and haranguing Ryan Lanzas all across the intertubes.

Lanza at first decided to take down his Facebook page as a result – but later put it back up.


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71 thoughts on “Connecticut Shooting: “F You CNN” , says Ryan Lanza”

    1. u dont know about or work we first verify then publish or reports..the innocent kids hav been killed in that school n u r Talking About Justice Shame On You. just Go Their Home who lost their Childerens.

  1. CNN did not put up the profile, you did. If you make all this information on a social networking site available, something is bound to happen.

    What happened to you will be quickly forgotten in a short while (the public has a relatively short memory), whereas the pain of the victims and their family will be shared for years.

    Think about that.


    1. its Over Job To Put Story On The Blogs And Yes I also Put It On the Profile And Cnn To Check Out And then say it.i was Doing My Job..we r With the Family Who Is Going On this Critical Conditions and I Pray for All Those who died in Newtown Shooting RIP..

    2. He is doing his job by exposing how ridiculous and un-investigative our news can be….it’s all about “being the first” so they can get more advertising dollars, etc. Most of what’s reported isn’t immediately based on fact and unfortunately that’s what sticks in people’s heads. Because of CNN, et al’s irresponsibility, Ryan will have to deal with their mistake for a very, very long time; and he shouldn’t have to.

  2. Reblogged this on Uneducate and commented:
    This reminded me why it’s always good to fact-check before making sweeping statements. It’s so easy to ruin a life, where if the journalists had spent just a few minutes verifying their facts, they’d quickly have found out Ryan Lanza is actually very alive. I guess it’s the age old problem of trying to break a story, but that role is largely out of journalists’ hands now. I know… I’m a journalist.

  3. Let’s show some respect for Ryan. He has lost both his mother and his brother in a horrible way. Apparently he and his younger brother were not close. He was quoted as saying he had not seen him since 2010.

  4. very interesting post, with some in-depth details about the “facts” — too often the media gets it wrong, and too often we, the public, eat it up.

    1. Some times Something Gets Wrong but we have to give a chance to do it again..Media has maken a mistake an has done it right afterwards people know that now we hav to forget it anyway.Thanks

  5. I’m glad you visited my blog at so we can connect. After reading your eye opening post I think you might enjoy a post I wrote about a vision I saw about the children a week before it happened called children of promise.

  6. Someone somewhere once famously made a statement about not condemning someone “until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”. How many innocents through the ages have been murdered out of hand for superficial resemblance?

  7. Whatever the name, the point is that the entire system, which is always praising and feeding on aggression and violence, is responsible. Media and CNN are the trumpeters of the system.

  8. People who send hate mail and threatening phone calls by looking up names in the phone book have gotten a little more sophisticated, but they still manage to contact the wrong people with the same name.

    It’s amazing how fast they can start harassing family of suspects. Even before an official release of information is made.

  9. I don’t want to be a bad person but i think in our days some of the new professionals (not all of them) don’t work like the old day, for love to the profession but for the money, in the old time a news professional was more a detective, he din’t say something without having a concrete prove about the subject, today the news is like a mexican soup opera, more shocking more money they do. Because of that i believe in bloggers they do what they do because of passion and love. may the blogger be the new news person.

    1. Yeah you are saying True…i work hard to get big news n i do my best not for money bcoz its my passion to show the people what,s happing in the world..i belive true work should appericate it..May god Bless us All

  10. I really hate the way the media leaps into something with no regard to the effect they have on innocent people. I also hate people’s readiness to form a lynch mob on the flimsiest of excuses.

  11. I found you when you liked a blog post on my cooking blog. I saw this article. Good job. As a former member of the press, I left when pressure to publish, even garbage, came higher priority than getting the story right.

  12. First of all, thank you for liking my BlogFlash posts! I read your Bermuda Triangle post, but somehow missed this one.

    Not sure if anyone pointed this out, but according to later news, one of the reasons Ryan and Adam were confused was because Adam somehow had Ryan’s ID on him. So when the police found him, they assumed that it was Ryan. I suppose this is an understandable mistake. However, in this day and age, the media have to be more careful than ever about what they report. As I watched the news reveal each of these names, I realized that I could look them up. And I did. Within seconds, Adam’s face was looking back at me from Facebook. Granted, both Ryan and Adam had their profiles private, but I could still see some things. It was creepy to have a face looking back at me just like any other of my Facebook friends, knowing this man was dead now, but would be hated forever.

  13. One supposes that it’s futile to expect restraint or professional standards from Facebook; rather the cited lynch mob mentality seems at home there. But the news media once held themselves to a professional standard in the U.S; actually taking pride in doing so.

    Now that is gone, along with the standards of the larger society. Perhaps we should evaluate what has been gained that justifies this ongoing process…

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