Christmas preparations in Pakistan

This gallery comprises of images of Christmas celebrations from around different cities of Pakistan.

Hyderabad: Sain Bonaventure School students busy in their religious rituals at Saint Xavier Church in connection with Christmas celebration.

A young girl decorating the Thomson Cathedral Church.

Christian busy in religious rituals during Christmas eve at a church in Lahore.

Visitors look at model of Santa Claus displayed at a local hotel ahead of Christmas celebrations

Members of Christian community performing religious rituals as they celebrate Christmas at a local church in Faisalabad.

Christians busy in their religious rituals during special service in connection with upcoming Christmas celebrations at Cathedral Church.

Pakistani Christian youths celebrate ahead of Christmas as they stand atop a truck on their way to Karachi.


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4 thoughts on “Christmas preparations in Pakistan”

  1. Same here in the Philippines all thousands of christian religious are busy also preparing decorating each of their home for having an essence of Christmas :).

    it might be late to say this i would like to greet you Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family :).

    thank your for sharing your Christmas culture in your place!!


  2. Hi Osman
    Is this your own photography? It’s really vibrant! I guess you’re a journalist? Christmas in Waziristan is a wonderful story, all we hear in the UK is about drone strikes and religious intolerance and mad mullahs and what will happen when the US – sorry, NATO – pulls out of Afghanistan. I was there over 40 years ago, a fascinating place. The West simply doesn’t understand tribal societies, we keep talking about central government and democracy, oil and shopping, but it took us hundreds of years to get those and we don’t even bother voting anymore. I’m a Westerne but not a Christian, as you can probably read in my blog, but I don’t believe in persecuting minorities, except with polite mockery, and I just hope they don’t persecute me……as some have a habit of doing.
    I’m fascinated by your page design, by the way, mine is really boring! Still, thanks for ‘liking’ my posts.
    The bogler (and Hunzi)

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