Jamshed takes Pakistan home with gritty ton

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South Asia’s bitter rivals Pakistan and India are meeting again on the cricket ground, marking a gradual thaw in their decades-old rivalry. The first bilateral series between India and Pakistan since November 2007, comprising two Twenty20 matches and three one-day internationals, began on December 25, with Pakistan winning the first T20 by five wickets in a close encounter but India levelled the series with an 11-run win.

The first of the three ODIs begins today in Chennai. Stick around as Dawn.com brings all the action  analysis  from the match.

Readers are invited to be share their input and analysis, set the field, live commentate, share pictures, predict the outcome of the match. Have your say as Pakistan takes on India in what promises to be a cracking showdown.

PREVIEW: Should Pakistan gamble with Akmal at the top?

17:44 PST:

Pakistan cross the line, Malik scores the winning runs again but it was Nasir Jamshed’s 132-ball 101 that set up the chase. A fluent half-century by Younis Khan, on his comeback, provided great support to Jamshed’s effort. Pakistan had stamped their authority in the match in opening few overs of the match, when Junaid Khan pinned India’s top-order one by one to end with 9-34-4. But a heroic  century by MS Dhoni, not only enhanced his reputation as India’s captain reliable, but also took his side to 227 from a position of 29/5 at one point. India were once again found wanting with the bat, their strength going into the series, and also looked a bowler short. Pakistan, though, continued to hit their straps with the ball, and Hafeez’s 10-26-1 were vital in frustrating India. Why he only bowled one over in the T20s is perplexing, but Misbah will have more options going into the second and third ODIs with Malik in the squad as well. Dhoni gets the man of the match award for his great century.

17:29 PST:

Hundred for Jamshed! Great knock, he stuck it out and worked himself out of the tough period, 100 off 127 balls, five fours and one six! 7 require of three overs

17:24 PST:

Malik and Jamshed continue to work it around, 210/4 in 45 Pakistan. Eight runs coming off the Kumar over.

17:09 PST

Malik goes! Trying to cut Ashwin and Dhoni completes a fine catch but wait! Another no-ball and another lifeline for Malik. He went onto win the first T20 for Pakistan being dismissed off a no-ball off Ishant Sharma! Malik misses out on the free-hit though. 39 off 48 required.

16:57 PST

The powerplay ends, not a productive one for Pakistan, only 13 off of it and Misbah’s wicket. Pakistan must not panic, they have plenty of overs to go but knowing them, there is some drama yet to come. Kohli has injured himself badly there! Slipped in his bowling stride, just as he was about to deliver and his right leg slipped and turned inwards! This is serious, stretcher out there now.181/4 in 41.

16:48 PST:

Ishant strikes! Completely foxes Misbah with a slower-one, again Pakistan have lost a wicket while on top. Shoaib Malik is the new man in, light fading, the ball has picked up some sheen. Pakistan move to 172/4 in 39.

16:31 PST:

Batting power play on now, 36-40. Pakistan 160/3 in 35, Ishant Sharma on.

16:15 PST:

Dropped! Yuvraj drops Jamshed at point, simple catch that was. Next ball the batman survives a run out opportunity! Pakistan need to relax. Misbah need to calm Jamshed down, he’s lost the plot!

16:13 PST

Drinks. Kohli conceded 7 from that last over as Pakistan move to 147/3 in 32. Misbah and Jamshed at the crease, the latte putting up 112 with Younis Khan earlier.

16:01 PST:

Younis falls! Timed that full-toss from Dinda really well but Ashwin standing a midwicket scooped it inches from the ground. The third umpire had to be called in for that and replays confirm. Pakistan have lost a very big wicket at the very wrong moment. Jamshed picks a boundary from the over, 7 runs from it. 140/3 in 31.

15:49 PST:

Younis brings his fifty up with a big six off Raina straight over the bowler’s head! Jamshed follows the script and provides the same dose. 15 runs from that over! Pakistan were guilty of not doing this against Raina in the T20s but they are going well here. 126/2 in 29 overs.

15:45 PST:

Jamshed brings his fifty up, very gritty knock! And Younis gets a life in the same over as he attempts a sweep off Ashwin and the ball strikes him plumb in front. Pakistan 111/2 in 28 overs.

15:40 PST:

Suresh Raina now into the attack, replacing the expensive Yuvraj, who gave 33 from his five. Kumar has three left, Sharma give, and Dinda has seven to go. Plenty of fast bowling options, not to forget Ashwin still has four.

15:32 PST:

Nasir Jamshed and Younis Khan have stuck it out and getting some singles going but having consumed so many deliveries, they have to do it for a bit more. 12 runs from that Yuvraj over, Pakistan 99/2 in 25.

15:22 PST:

India racing through their overs, Ashwin and Yuvraj both as the Chennai clouds start creeping in. Jamshed and Younis bring up their fifty-run partnership, with these muggy conditions they will have to keep going. 72-2 in 21

15:08 PST:

Yuvraj Singh into the attack, Pakistan take five off him.  Ashwin has the next over and his first delivery hits Jamshed’s pads. There is a big appeal from the bowler but it did not seem very likely. Pakistan 63 for the loss of two wickets.

14:58 PST:

Ishant misses a catch off his own ball. Younis Khan hits it on the front foot back towards the bowler but Ishant ducked and let it go for two runs. Ashwin comes in to the attack, Pakistan manage three off his over. Pakistan 52-2 after 15 overs.

14:43 PST:

Younis Khan hits Ishant for a four which is followed by an almost-run out as the Jamshed and Younis try to make it three runs. In the following over, Jamshed scores another boundary and Dunda replaces Ishant in the attack. Pakistan need 190 off 36 overs with eight wickets remaining.

14:35 PST:

Massive confusion as Nasir Jamshed scrambles back and Kumar misses the stumps . The bowler looks frustrated but not for long as he dismisses Azhar Ali with the next delivery – caught out by Sharma at midwicket. Pakistan 21 for the loss of two wickets after 11 overs. Younis Khan comes in to bat.

14: 20 PST:

Pakistan manage just one run off Kumar and two runs off Dinda. Pakistan 15 for the loss of one wicket after eight overs.

14:14 PST:

Ashok Dinda replaces Ishant Sharma. Jamshed takes three as Ishant fails to stop the ball and Azhar Ali takes one making it four off the over. Pakistan 12-1 after six overs.

13:55 PST

The most awful start for Pakistan and an excellent one for Bhuvneshwar Kumar on his ODI debut. Mohammad Hafeez leaves the big inswinger, and the ball crashes into the stumps. Clearly, Hafeez had wiped out his memory from the 1st T20, Nasir Jamshed and Azhar Ali at the crease now. Should Akmal have come in instead of Hafeez? Wicket-maiden that first over. Ishant Sharma from the other end.

13:18 PST

That’s it! India end 227/6 in their 50, what a turnaround this has been and the hosts will certainly be feeling good about this now. A superhuman effort by Dhoni to take India from 29/5 to a position where they are now in the driving seat. 113 off 125 balls for Dhoni. Junaid Khan’s heroics with ball earlier on to rattle India’s top order seem a little pale now, but perplexing that Pakistan’s best bowler in the match goes back into the pavilion with one over in the bank. His figures of 9-43-4 and Mohammad Hafeez’s 10-26-1 were the highlights but Misbah, who dropped Dhoni on 18, has once again miscalculated his bowling options, and in hindsight the Irfan mauling in the 49th over could have been avoided. Pakistan now have face a challenging total, and will need to start well as the outfield is not exactly electric.

13:13 PST

21 run from that Irfan over! 4,4,6,2,1,4! Dhoni brings up his hundred in that over! What a knock, true grit! India 217/6 in 49.

13:07 PST

Ajmal gives only three from his final over, India 196/6 in 48.

13:05 PST

Dhoni launches Ajmal over long on for a big SIX! And takes nine from Irfan’s next over. India 193/6 in 47, this is a record 7th wicket partnership for India against Pakistan, 91 runs between Dhoni-Ashwin.

12:55 PST

Long break here as Dhoni gets some treatment, Gul looks exhausted as well. Irfan comes back after getting some work done as himself and is greeted by the Indian captain by a vicious pull for four. Nine from that over, India 175/6 in 45. This has been wonderful turnaround by India after being 29/5. Pakistan look flat after this counter but will need to finish well to, now, keep this game within their grasp.

12:44 PST

Misbah continues with Gul, who pants and pants, looks completely off colour out there. Perhaps the heat has gotten to him, but he is clearly struggling to get through his overs. Junaid has two, Ajmal three, maybe Misbah can use Malik for a few more. Pakistan have given away some of the advantage from early on by not sticking to their plans, the wide open field hasn’t helped either. India 159/6 in 43.

12:30 PST:

Dhoni makes his 47th ODI fifty and ninth ODI fifty against Pakistan with a boundary off Umar Gul, the only addition to the score from that over. India 151-6 after 41 overs.

12:28 PST:

Hafeez has a tame over; gives off six runs and Gul gives off seven from his. Junaid back into the attack and bowls a no ball after which Dhoni hits him for a six – the first of the match. 14 runs from that over. India 146-6 in 40.

12:08 PST:

A couple of mishaps in Ajmal’s over. Azhar Ali dives to stop the ball but falls over, apparently twisiting his back in the process while Irfan also has trouble stopping the ball and limps off the field. India make 10 off that over – 126-6 in 37.

12:02 PST

Hafeez is finally rewarded for his persistence! Pakistan break the resilient Dhoni-Raina partnership! Raina attempted his favorite slog-sweep but the ball hurried through his defences, India 104/6 in 34.

11:44 PST

India 97/5 in 30. As things stand, anything in the range of 170-180 will be a tough target batting second. Hafeez has conceded only 13 from his 6 so far, perhaps Misbah should look to bring Junaid back for a few.

11:39 PST

Shoaib Malik replaces Ajmal, gives away on 3. So far out of the spinners, only Hafeez has managed to look a little threatening, he has been very smart about the way he’s going, showing that he is by all means a full-time bowler. India 91/5 in 28.

11:30 PST

Misbah drops Dhoni! The batsman charged Hafeez and found himself in an awkward position, chipped it to midwicket where the Pakistan captain pushed it it over the bar! 86/5 in 26, a crucial moment that, will Pakistan pay for it?

11:29 PST

India rebuild to 84/5 in 25. After Junaid sliced through the top order, Ajmal and Hafeez have done well to keep it tight.

11:23 PST

Hafeez bowls a maiden before Ajmal concedes a boundary. He has been guilty of regularly dropping it short on this tour so far. India 81/5 in 23.

11:15 PST

Hafeez gets it to turn in his first over, neat one, only 5 from it. The odd one will spin it seems here, provided there is air provided. India have the Ravichandran Ashwin, Yuvraj and Raina to fill that role, but it is unlikely the conditions will change much in the second innings and it will be interesting to see how Bhuvneshwar Kumar goes on this surface. India 76/5 in 21.

11:11 PST

The ball is perhaps a little soft with all the moisture around but Saeed Ajmal starts off well, giving away only two runs. Mohammad Hafeez comes in from the other end, and clearly his ‘spin fingers’ are not injured as was being suggested by some quarters. He just likes to under-bowl himself as the T20 captain. India 72/5 in 19.

10:57 PST: 

Indian captain MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina doing the stitch-up job here. They’ve done it on many occasions before and seem to have read the pitch much better than the top order. They are hanging back in the crease and playing the ball as late as possible, and are being aided by the fact that Pakistan, or rather Umar Gul has been dropping it too short. 30 in the last 5 overs as India reach 65/5 in 17 overs.

10:25 PST:

India are 30 for five after 11 overs as Junaid bowls a tidy over giving just one run off it.

10:19 PST:

India truly in trouble now and Junaid on fire. Rohit Sharma, edged the ball towards third slip and is caught out by Mohammad Hafeez who dives towards his right to take it. India five down with 29 runs in 10 overs. Captain MS Dhoni comes on to bat.

10:10 PST:

Junaid gives off four runs from his over; Raina the scorer. Umar Gul comes in for Pakistan, gets a decent over conceding only three runs.

10:00 PST:

Brilliant over for Junaid. Cleans up Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh – India in serious trouble now. 20 runs for the loss of two wickets after six overs. Kohli misjudges the direction of the ball and it hits the off-stump. Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma playing for India.

09:53 PST:

Gambhir bowled by Irfan, hits the middle stump. India lose their openers, as Yuvraj comes in. India 17-2/4.4 overs.

09:48 PST:

After a big appeal for lbw, Sehwag is clean bowled by Junaid with a beautiful delivery. India 17-1/3.5 overs

09:39 PST:

Junaid Khan’s first ball is a no ball, followed by two leg byes. Sehwag then hits India’s first boundary of the match – India 8-0 after two overs.

09:32 PST:

Mohammad Ifran starts things off for Paksitan with a maiden. Just a reminder – this ODI follows the new rules which allow for two bouncers an over.  India 0-0 after the first over.

09:01 PST:

Pakistan have won the toss and put India in to bat. Umar Akmal has been left out of the squad, replaced by Shoaib Malik while Junaid Khan, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan and Mohammad Irfan are included.

India are playing their first ODI without Sachin Tendulkar as Virender Sehwag returns to the ODI squad.

Pakistan: Nasir Jamshed, Younis Khan, Mohammad Hafeez, Misbah-ul-Haq*, Kamran Akmal†, Azhar Ali, Shoaib Malik, Junaid Khan, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Irfan

India: G Gambhir, V Sehwag, B Kumar, V Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, SK Raina, RG Sharma, MS Dhoni*†, R Ashwin, I Sharma, AB Dinda


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