Former Ogra chief arrested in Abu Dhabi

Supreme Court of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Former chairman of the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) Tauqir Sadiq was arrested in Abu Dhabi, Daily Sitara Sindh reported on Tuesday.

Sadiq is accused of having caused a loss of Rs83 billion to the national exchequer and eventually fleeing away. He went into hiding soon after the Nov 25, 2011 Supreme Court verdict which had declared his appointment illegal and had directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to investigate corruption cases against him within 45 days.

Sources told DawnNews a three-member team of law enforcement officials from Pakistan had arrested the former Ogra chairman in Abu Dhabi with assistance from local police.

Authorities are making preparations to bring the former official back to Pakistan.

Last week, the Supreme Court had ordered the NAB to file within a week two corruption references in the case against Sadiq.

One of the references ordered to be filed points a finger at the prime minister who had allegedly approved Sadiq’s appointment as chairman of the Ogra.

The other is against the officials who are accused of obstructing investigations against Sadiq and facilitating his escape from the country. They include Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Pakistan People’s Party’s senior leader Jehangir Badar who is a close relative of Sadiq.

Prime Minister Ashraf was water and power minister and head of the selection committee which had approved Sadiq’s appointment.


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