PTI asks CEC to take notice of ‘distribution of plots’

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf has urged Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim to take notice of the planned distribution of 27,500 plots on the state property by the Sindh government allegedly to win loyalties of voters for PPP candidates in the coming elections.

In a letter sent to the CEC and other members of the Election Commission of Pakistan, PTI secretary general Arif Alvi referred to an advertisement published in a section of the press by the Sindh government on Sunday according to which 27,500 plots would be distributed to the ‘poorest of the poor’.

“I had received this information in December that the PPP intends to distribute 50,000 plots to its Jayalas in the last month before elections and had spoken on the same issue and also released a press statement, but as there was no evidence I could not pursue the matter. But now that the same unscrupulous scheme is being advertised, it is important that your office takes immediate action,” said the letter.

Mr Alvi said the entire project was political in nature for which huge loans had been taken from international financial institutions that would have to be repaid off in future.

He alleged that the money was being used for pre-poll rigging to benefit PPP candidates.

“On behalf of the party I request the Election Commission of Pakistan to stop this activity and that the project should be left for the next government to be carried out with much more transparency,” the PTI leader said.


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