Sharifs want to sabotage public meeting: Imran Khan


LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Insaf  Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday Sharif brothers were scared of PTI’s popularity and were sticking to the Punjab government only to use official machinery to sabotage the party’s upcoming public meeting in Lahore.

Imran announced the PTI chief would have only two terms in the office, giving an opportunity to other workers as well to become party head.

He was talking to the recently-elected party office-bearers from Lahore district hosted by its Lahore chief Abdul Aleem Khan at PTI’s office on The Mall. He said Pakistan had never seen real democracy and termed the present system “worst-ever monarchy”.

He said the PTI would expose all political parties’ policies and announce its manifesto as a way forward to transform country into a “real democratic Pakistan”.

He said party’s forthcoming (March 23) public meeting had unnerved the Punjab government that was busy removing PTI banners and flags allover the province.

Calling Sharifs ‘Raiwind residents’, Mr Khan said: “You call yourself lions but behave like jackals. If you will challenge our real lions, they will fight back more fiercely,” he warned.

He said the PTI would purchase all “Jangla Bus Service” tickets on March 23 for its workers who would travel to Minar- i-Pakistan to participate in public meeting.

“Our (PTI) critics should now look for some other army general’s name (to blame the party) as they had earlier alleged Gen Pasha was behind party’s Oct 30 (Lahore) meeting,” he said.

At Minar-i-Pakistan, he said, the PTI would give its manifesto and policies to transform the country into a real democracy that would also include proper accountability of its own leaders. Mr Khan said all those who participated in the intra-party elections had changed political culture in the country.

“All political parties will now be compelled to hold intra-party elections, otherwise, they will perish by the next elections,” he said.

He acknowledged Insaaf Students Federation’s efforts in motivating the youth who, he said, would serve as harbingers of ‘tsunami’.

“Those, who bring revolution within their parties, can bring revolution in the country after general elections,” he added.


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