Pakistan Tehreek.e.insfa still to announce its manifesto


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is the only mainstream party yet to announce its election manifesto.

According to PTI spokesman Shafqat Mehmood, the document is ready for printing and will be made public by the end of this week.

The PML-N, PPP and ANP have unveiled their manifestos and the MQM made a detailed presentation of its manifesto on Monday in Karachi.

Mr Mehmood said the delay in the announcement of the manifesto wasn’t a serious issue because the party had already released several issue-based policy papers.

The PTI announced that it would finalise the list of its candidates by April 8 and release it after the completion of the scrutiny of nomination papers.

A meeting of the PTI’s parliamentary board, presided over by the party’s chairman Imran Khan, “reviewed the applications of candidates for each national and provincial constituency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The recommendations of the provincial parliamentary board as well as proposals by the provincial, regional and district presidents were also considered,” the spokesman said.


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8 thoughts on “Pakistan Tehreek.e.insfa still to announce its manifesto”

  1. Is there hope for new job opportunities in Pakistan? What do you believe the future holds for your country? I am asking because I have a dear friend who lives there and he has been unable to find a job. My heart aches for him.

    1. yeah i know that..Inshllah in this coming election the goverment will give jobs and opportunites to the students of its country..and create the new fair sytem for its own people..
      may god bless us all Ameen.

      1. Praise the Lord! Many people in nearly every country are having problems finding work. They get depressed and want to give up. My heart hurts for anyone who is trying so hard and sees nothing in the future. Maybe my friends will realize he has hope. Thanks for answering my questions.

  2. How much does the USA influence your elections? We can safely assume it attempts to, at any rate. I bet I could pick out which party is supported by our CIA by reading their manifestos. Do you think I am wrong?
    I wish you freedom from the horrible legacy of western colonialism!
    Peace and justice, mi hermano,

    1. CIA does,nt Support any Political Party Of Pakistan They Jst Create Mess in Pakistan..and this time the election will be in Army Watch so no one can create mess on the election day.

  3. I wish we could keep our government out of your country, but we cannot control the CIA. With drones killing people without our knowledge and the CIA lying about weapons of mass destruction and “terrorists”, we are a nation of sheep.
    Many Americans are opposed to this foreign policy, and we will fight against it, but it is a huge power to challenge, as you know.

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