Katy Perry visits destroyed school

This gallery comprises photos released by Unicef, showing US singer Katy Perry on a visit to a primary school in Ampihaonana, Madagascar, that has been rebuilt by Unicef after it was destroyed by a cyclone on April 5, 2013.

Perry’s visit is intended to focus on the children’s situation in one of the poorest countries in the world that is still recovering from a political crisis and ensuing coup in 2009. Currently, some 82 per cent of Malagasies are unable to afford basic needs and services, including food and healthcare.


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9 thoughts on “Katy Perry visits destroyed school”

  1. I love Unicef, this is an incredible organization. I just ask myself though, where are the black stars going to Africa (Beyonce anyone?) to help? This can easily veer into cultural imperialism unintentionally, if African peoples always have Caucasian stars flying to them. It can easily become about them being the hope and big deal in the minds of people. I ask where is Beyonce’s work like this, where is Jada Pinkett Smith’s, Will Smith’s? It’s great that Angelina an Katy and whoever else is flying around the world…but where are the black stars. A little annoyed more of them don’t get involved. Or that we are not hearing about it in the news. Unicef is always looking for celebrity reps! I think less of them are involved.

    Dangerous in the perceptions of the folks receiving help… I dunno…maybe I’m wrong.

      1. Then right after I made that comment, I’m running into this stuff about all Beyonce and J-Z’s money, trips, total net worth. Ugh, I was ticked. Like I want to see them doing some things to help people… I dunno I don’t mean to be judgemental.

  2. Reblogged this on MUSIC IS MY LIFE and commented:
    It is great to see Unicef continuing to help those in need in every part of the world and it is also great to see Katy Perry getting involved in one of the organisation’s projects. Chech out this blog post by Usman Hashmi.

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