No force can withstand “youth tsunami” Imran Khan

ATTOCK: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Monday expressed confidence that his party would give a crushing defeat to PML-N in election final on May 11.

Addressing a public meetings in Attock, Taxila, Chakwal and Talagang here on Monday, the PTI’s chairman Imran Khan said the spirit and enthusiasm of the youth was a clear indication that change had taken place.

“No force can withstand the youth tsunami,” he said while addressing at Liaqut Ali Khan hockey stadium in Attock.

He warned that the days of the status quo forces were numbered and the PTI with the support of strong-willed youth would secure a thumping victory in the coming elections.

“PTI will defeat the corrupt and plunderers of national wealth with massive public support,” he said.

He said that youth were the real force of the party and they had come forward to spread the PTI’s message of change to each nook and corner of the country.

The PTI after coming into power would fight for the people’s rights and resolve their issues on war footing, he assured.

Besides resolving the issue on emergency basis, the PTI government would uphold the merit and would put an end to the exploitation of small workers and civil servants.

He said was a strong Muslim, who strong faith in Allah and his last Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

In Chakwal, Imran Khan said May 11 was the day of battle for the future of Pakistan.

He was addressing two large public meetings in Chakwal and Talagang here on Monday.

He said May 11 was the day of your future not mines as Allah has given me all the blessings.

Imran Khan asked the youth to mobilise their parents and other relatives for the real change in the country as according to him only PTI could bring real change.

“It never happened in the world that tested parties could bring change,” he told a highly charged and excited gathering.

“PML-N remained in power for five times (two times in centre and three times in Punjab) while PPP ruled the country for seven times (three times in centre and four times in Sindh). How could these parties bring change when they both have destroyed the system during their tenure,” he asked.

He said that he used to break the partnerships in cricket and now he would break the partnership of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari.

Lashing out at the performance of PML N’s government in Punjab said Shahbaz Sharif continued to harp on development in the province but the reality was quite opposite.

His performance can be gauged from the crime figures during his tenure, he said.

Imran said 40,000 people were murdered, 70,000 abducted, 1,500 women raped, 13,000 killed in accidents, 128,000 vehicles were stolen, 170,000 cases of theft were registered and 150 banks were looted during the five year rule of Shahbaz Sharif.

“When all this was happening, the family of Sharif brothers were enjoying a security cover of 1,260 police personnel and were living like kings”, he maintained.

He claimed that Rs200 million were spent on the security of the family of Sharifs.

“I could have made Shaukat Khanam Hospital in Peshawar by such a hefty amount,” he said.

He said Shahbaz Sharif claimed that he would end load-shedding after coming into power but he did not take a single step in this regard, though Article 158 of the Constitution gave powers to provinces to produce electricity on their own.

He said that instead of producing electricity, Shahbaz Sharif frittered away Rs70 billion on what he termed as ‘Jangla Bus Service.

“By such huge amount of money 3000 megawatt of electricity could have been produced,” he maintained.

On this occasion Ayaz Amir’s son Shahnawaz Amir announced to join PTI. Imran Khan welcomed Shahnawaz Amir in PTI fold and also thanked Ayaz Amir for pledging his support to party.

While formally kicking off the election campaign of his party in Taxila Imran Khan declared that his party would bring the ‘tsunami of people’ at Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) on May 6 from Lahore to Islamabad which will confirm the defeat of the ‘Lion’.

The historical city of Taxila was decorated with multi-coloured party flags, welcoming banners and big boards of the party leadership.

Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said no one could stop the country from metamorphosing into a new Pakistan as soon as PTI came into power.

He said a new Pakistan was inevitable, adding it was bound to come into being.

He said that after coming in to power, the country would be get rid of the power crisis and mini dam would also be constructed and Pakistan would be able to export electricity.

He said that Pakistan was blessed with the rich resources but lacked honest leadership.

Khan said if voted to power‚ his party would introduce a system based on justice and equality where the law did not differentiate between the rich and the poor.

Addressing a public meeting in Muree, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said the Sharif brothers could not bring any substantial change in Punjab during their five terms and they can never make any difference if they get another chance to rule.

“They act like kings and their party men, even members of parliament, bow themselves before the kings,” he said.

The PTI chief said Nawaz League remained part of the Zardari government and defended its corruption and bad governance during the last five ears.

After coming to power, the PTI will not allow distribution of development funds to parliamentarians. The funds will be utilised by locally-elected councillors at the village level, said the PTI chief.


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