Imran to make video address today

LAHORE, May 8: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan may take three to four weeks for a complete recovery as he has suffered nine fractures in his backbone and chest.

Imran Khan is, however, in high spirits and has been instructing his party leaders to keep on campaigning for the general elections.

According to a report of his CT scan, T6 (fracture) is very complicated.

After examining the CT scan report of Mr Khan, a senior orthopaedic surgeon at the Jinnah Hospital told Dawn that Mr Khan should not move from his bed before three to four weeks because of compression fracture of T6 vertebral body with a 40 per cent loss of height. The other fractures were of minor nature, he said.

The CT scan report is available with Daily Sitara Sindh News.

A team of specialists at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) advised Mr Khan on Wednesday to take a complete bed rest for two to three days.

The doctors have, however, declared that no neurological or spine-related major disorder was reported in the clinical investigations carried out so far.

The medical check-up of Mr Khan was largely based on the CT scan report which apparently showed no life-threatening fractures on any part of his body, including head and spinal cord.

“Imran has full control over all his body organs and he will be allowed to resume his political activities after more clinical investigations in a couple of days,” a doctor said.

According to the CT scan report, “No intra-axial haemorrhage, hydrocephalus or midline shift was found. No skull fracture was seen either.

“However, small scalp haematoma (collection of blood) was seen in the left frontal/parietal eminence and un-displaced spinous process fracture of T1 was noted. Minimally displaced fracture of the tip of C3 spinous process is also noted.”

The report found “small left sided pneumothorax with some surgical emphysema in supraclavicular recess. Tiny non-classified granuloma measuring 3mm is seen again in the right upper lobe”.

“Left third rib fracture is seen. Compression fracture of T6 vertebral body with 40 per cent height loss is also noted. There is some buckling of posterior vertebral haematoma seen anteriorly in ‘posterior mediastinum’ (an irregular triangular space running parallel with the vertebral column).”

The report, however, showed chronic bilateral pars fractures of L5 body. “No vascular or visceral injury was seen in the abdomen and pelvis, a ring-like structure of bones at the lower end of the trunk. The further review shows an un-displaced fracture of T5 vertebral body and spinous process as well. The neural canal, however, remains intact.”

Dr Faisal Sultan of the SKMCH&RC told newsmen on Wednesday that Mr Khan had suffered a hairline compression fracture on a vertebra on his back. “He has t6, c3 and t5 fractures, but his spinal bone is completely safe.”

He said Mr Khan had been advised complete bed rest for two to three days.

Dr Sultan said a team of medical experts from the Pakistan Army had also examined the PTI chairman.

He said the three injured guards were also brought to the Shaukat Khanum Hospital and one of them had been discharged.


Imran Khan is likely to make a speech through video link at his party’s final election rally in Islamabad on Thursday.

Asad Umer, a leader of the PTI, told Dawn that if Mr Khan felt comfortable he would address live. Otherwise his recorded message would be played at the public meeting.

The party’s Vice Chairman, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, told a news conference on Wednesday that the party would take a decision about Mr Khan’s address at the Islamabad rally after consultation with the doctors treating him.

He said the party’s leaders met Mr Khan on Wednesday morning and felt relieved when “we were received by him with a broad smile on his face”.

In reply to a question, he said there was no need to send Mr Khan abroad for treatment.

Mr Qureshi said the nation had risen and they would go in the elections hand in hand with Imran Khan.“Now no campaign will be able to change people’s mind as Imran’s emotional message from the hospital bed has touched everybody,” he said.

He said the PTI would not win the elections on the basis of ‘electables’ but on party’s ideology. “Imran Khan has finally created a high tide of tsunami and it will not recede,” he added.

Mr Qureshi said the PPP went out of the game in a few overs and the PML-N was in low spirits because of the determination and conviction of Mr Khan. He said the PTI leader had provided the nation a third option and now it was their responsibility to avail the opportunity to create a ‘new Pakistan’.

Answering a question about the possibility of a coalition government after the elections, he said the ground realities showed that the PTI would be getting a clear mandate.

Jahangir Tareen, a PTI leader, said a huge number of silent voters would vote for the PTI. “This time Pakistan will witness a very high turnout,” he added.

The party’s President, Javed Hashmi, also spoke on the occasion.


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