Bilawal House security challenged

KARACHI: The PPP and the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf seem to be heading towards a face-off in Karachi after the latter announced on Saturday its plan to hold a protest outside the Bilawal House on Sunday against what it called ‘illegal encroachment’ for the building’s security and the former vowed to resist any such move.

A large number of PTI workers led by party’s senior leader and MNA Dr Arif Alvi gathered outside the Bilawal House to review arrangements for the protest.

Dr Alvi said that closure of one of the two tracks outside the Bilawal House was a violation of Sindh High Court’s orders which had asked authorities to open all roads in the area. “During my election campaign I promised to the people in the constituency that I would make every effort to get all roads reopened,” he said.

“So we moved to the high court which in September ordered for the removal of all encroachments as it has become a source of immense hardship and nuisance for the area residents.”

At the time when PTI workers were gathering outside the Bilawal House, PPP patron-in-chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari wrote a message on a social media website: “If Buzdil Khan, Nawaz Sharif and JI find the courage to say 1/2 (half) of what I said versus TTP yesterday (Friday) I will tear down Bilawal House wall myself”.

Minutes later, a sizeable number of PPP workers led by senior leader Najmi Alam assembled at the Bilawal House.

Mr Alam said PPP workers were peaceful, but they “are prepared to defend party’s grace and traditions”.

The two sides raised slogans against each other.

District South’s Deputy Commissioner Dr Mustafa Jamal Kazi said: “We cannot open the road adjacent to the Bilawal House as it was not actually ordered by the high court.”


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