#PPP!! Shame on this brutality against #PTI’s peaceful protesters. #BilawalHouseWall

Arif Alvi with Alamgir Khan Mehsud in Karachi.

PTI worker was beaten by the armed terrorists of #PPP at Bilawal house Karachi when a peaceful #PTI protest was going against illegal wall.

Photo: PTI worker was beaten by the armed terrorists of #PPP at Bilawal house Karachi when a peaceful #PTI protest was going against illegal wall.

#PTI Leadership in Police Station #PPPmilitancy #BuzdilBilawal

#BilawalHouseWall UPDATE by Awab Alvi:
We were asked to be totally peaceful and remained as such throughout – a convoy of 5-6 cars laden with thugs and 20 odd motorbikes with triple sawaris viscously attacked a sit-down protest of PTI supporters

I was in front of the peaceful sit-in ensuring our supporters ignore the PPP goons passing by and keep their cool. One PPP thug jumped out of a triple sawari bike and attacked – a few #PTI supporters which instantly resulted in chaos – in short time more PPP jiyalas went ransacking – the leadership first tried to pacify the crowd turned to seek help from Police – but they had retreated and were watching from a distance, as if a planned tactic. The goons had hardened sticks and we were totally unarmed to even react – were forced to scramble, many beaten with sticks and I too got served with a few whacks, was proud & fortunate enough to punch two in the face. We were forced to retreat away, the police chose to tear gas US, the victims scrambling for cover, while the other side was enjoying executive support.

20 minutes later we reassembled with MNA Dr. Arif Alvi and talk to the police as they had promised protection for peaceful protestors, in the melee the Police lower staff continued to have a verbal tirade and one lost his cool attacked Dr. Arif and then the police let their lathi charge loose. I got hit on the head twice. Wanted to react but #PTI leadership asked us to stand down, while retreating they direct fired Tear Gas shells which hit at least 3 protestors who were walking away. 

The PPP goons / Aman Committee continued to drive around Boat Basin area firing into the air and even direct fired Khurrum Sher Zaman – PTI (he’s safe). BBZ & PPP leaders accuse us for being violent, but ironically we have the media evidence to show who attacked us. 

OUR PUSH is NOT to attack or take down the rightful property of Bilawal House but to push to open a PUBLIC ROAD & REMOVE THE HIDEOUS WALL SURROUNDING THE MANSION – PPP can construct the tallest wall around their property but please abdicate your fiefdom from the surrounding public areas.



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2 thoughts on “#PPP!! Shame on this brutality against #PTI’s peaceful protesters. #BilawalHouseWall”

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It does us all well to be reminded of how thin the wall of civility actually is. This can, and all too often does, happen anywhere… just that for the most part the majority of us don’t have to acknowledge that the violence takes place. Well done. The whole world really is watching.

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