Education becoming Educated in KPK

Imran Khan’s dreams turning into reality in  KPK Education System

As political situation getting tense, Imran Khan, the face of Pakistan’s angry and dissatisfied youth, has their finger on the right pulse. People and general and youth in particular are desperate to witness change, which was dreamt by Imran Khan. In the era of information technology the need of access towards quality education is an optimum need and undoubtedly the biggest challenge not in KPK but in entire Pakistan.

“Education budget would be increased from 2.1% to 5% of the GDP over its five-year term”. This PTI’s Education Policy and they are implementing it slowly but gradually in KPK. Starting from the reconstruction of schools destroyed by Taliban in recent past up to the rehabilitation the pupils KPK government finding hindrances in their tire long journey. But one must understand that in on-going devastation and terrorism people should play their role to support meaningful efforts PTIs leadership. As Imran Khan has pointed out many times that only education can rule the future, so it clears PTIs fragrant stance over their policies for the provincial education system.

PTIs leadership is not taking ruthless decisions to improve system of access to quality education. The leadership believes in evident decisions based on certain research. Instead of re-inventing the wheel PTIs leadership is strengthening the existing system and resources with new vision and techniques. Recently, PTI has turned their promise into reality and the governor house has been converted into a state of the art education complex. Based on most essential needs, 7000 school has been identified for basic latrine and drinking water facilities. More than 12000 schools have been identified for boundary wall and bill has been commenced by the education minister. Currently KPK’s 23% school has dangerous building which require huge funding for repair and maintenance.

In order meet these challenges and to remain vigilant Imran Khan has shared his latest intervention in education which is digitization of schools. Initially it would be with the help of technology i.e. internet, computer and cameras to ensure attendance of teachers, students and allied staff. This is going to be a major break-through in education sector. It will not only enhance level of education but also reduces drop out ratio and corruption rate. Imran also want overseas Pakistanis to adopt one school and monitor via google satellite to see what is going in their adopted school. In this way govt. would be directly accountable for every single penny of the donors. It will also help them stopping foreign aid which will make Pakistan more sovereign.

PTI aims to provide equal opportunity of quality education in a system which caters to every citizen and removes poverty as a barrier for children to realize their potential. Considering the fact of terrorism, a revolutionary step which PTI is planning to take is to continue education during emergency(s). It is mainly with the help of one education system for all, decentralization, enhancement of education budget from 2.1% to 5% in GDP, adult literacy, capacity building of teachers and ICTs. These steps shall definitely lead towards a prosperous Pakistan in the days to come. The longer this persists, the deeper we will find ourselves in this quagmire and we will confront a deeply sustainable society. Finally, my heart believes that only and only education can change the face of Pakistan and this is going to be the greatest strength of PTI. Concluding in Imran Khan’s words that:

“The rich man’s son and poor man’s son will study the same syllabus.”

The writers are students of politics and education with deep understanding of economic issues.


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