Quotes from honorable Chairman’s Speech, Karachi Jalsa, 21 September 2014

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“O Allah, we pray to You, and only to You we look up for help.”

“I thank Allah again for awakening my great nation!”

“Eighteen years struggle on one side, the thirty-nine day effort on the other!”

“This thirty-nine days’ effort has awakened the whole nation.”

“Promise me, that in future, you will never brook injustice, will never bow to evil forces!”

“The nations which bow to injustice and brutality, get inevitably enslaved.”

“I have come to Karachi to make all the different people here one nation!”

“I have come to make all Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Punjabis, Baloch, Sindhis, and other Urdu-speaking as one nation.”

“Hitherto, we had been divided so that decadent forces could rule us.”

“The oppressors were united to rule the divided oppressed.”

“We have come here to make the nation promised by Quaid-e-Azam.”

“It is our fundamental right that we can elect our representatives through genuine voting, not through rigging!”

“We have been unlucky in that, except for 1970, all elections have been rigged, and yet there has been no accountability.”

“Nobody has been held responsible or accountable so far for widespread rigging in Pakistan elections for decades.”

“We will not let up until Nawaz Sharif is made fully accountable for his rigging crimes!”

“InshaAllah, we will make a Naya Pakistan – one which I always dream of, one where we’ll have deluge of foreigners looking for jobs.”

“We will empower our youth so that robust national growth is achieved.”

“We need to introduce robust system of justice, of law and order, of reward and punishment.”

“The extortionists, the target criminals, the looters, the brutal feudals – must be defeated at all cost!”

“I have travelled extensively all over the world, but never seen a more oppressed people than the Interior Sindh villagers.”

“Brutalities and injustice inflicted on the poor and the vulnerable – we must fight the phenomenon with full force!”

“Allah has made me a trained fighter – I will fight all injustice in Pakistan, and want your support!”

“We have to uplift three professionals – first one is the teachers, as education is paramount. We have to spend a lot on education.”

“We have to greatly increase the salaries of professors, as they are a nation’s builders.”

“KPK spends the most proportionately on education, among all four provinces.”

“We have to reform the police. Punjab Police which is infested with Gullu Butts, has to be sorted out.”

“Police has to be depoliticized for people to feel safe and to have any trust in the institution.”

“KPK police is totally depoliticized – and is merit based. We need similar police in Karachi.”

“We have to spend a lot of money on reforming the judiciary – have to increase Judges’ salaries so that they can’t be bribed.”

“Foreign investment cannot be forthcoming when Ministers are involved in corruption, and the Prime Minister is busy aggrandizing own family wealth.”

“PTI will show how judiciary can be reformed – and speedy justice dispensed in public interest cheaply.”

“Karachiites, I’m taking these pledges from you, as I need your support to make all this possible!”

“When a nation gets awakened, and gets united to topple the decadent system, there is only one result.”

“I can fight this dark evil force of Status Quo when you are all with me in the fight. I want you all to keep strengthening my hands.”

“Maulana Diesel badmouthed our mothers and sisters – neither I nor the nation will ever forgive him!”

“I’ve witnessed in Western democracy the wonderful attribute of Local Bodies governance which gives ultimate freedom to the nation.”

“Rural empowerment has to be provided to cast away the shackles of slavery.”

“The nation will cast away slavery when Local Bodies’ governance would be fully implemented by PTI.”

“Nawaz Sharif – you have to go!!”

“Nawaz Sharif, for three decades, you have been taking turns with PPP. In the meanwhile, the nation has been sliding on poverty scales, whilst your

family has been getting more and more affluent!”

“Nawaz Sharif, your time is up. Neither America nor Saudi Arabia can save you – or for that matter, your Gullu Butts!”

“You have to promise me that we will stand besides all the oppressed classes.”

“We express full solidarity with our Hindu community in Sindh which is forced into exodus. PTI will protect all vulnerable classes.”

“Steel Mill workers have not been paid for the last three months – this cannot happen at any cost under PTI rule!”

“We will unite the whole of Pakistan. PTI is a national party, not of a province. It belongs to the common man!”

“PTI has no nepotism or favoritism. My children would not come into politics – we will bring total merit.”

“No nation can progress without total merit.”

“Ask Miandad, how merit-based was the policy of Imran Khan when he led Pakistan on the cricket fields!”

“Pakistan smashed opposition as a matter of course on cricket fields during my captaincy as I selected the team on merit.”

“I sympathize with my Sindhi people – that you have been fooled for a long time – dead Bhutto’s name has been abused for far too long.”

“PTI is coming to Interior Sindh to empower the common man – we’ll fight the brutal feudals decisively.”

“Karachi target killings cannot be done without the support of political parties which rule at the moment.”

“PTI will vanquish target killing in Karachi through systematic and robust policies and planned operation by depoliticized police.”

“Lyari youth will be liberated by PTI.”

“I’ll fight all the mafias of Karachi, and would bring total freedom for Karachiites!”

“We have to liberate our nation. It is not long before Nawaz Sharif resigns.”

“We were blamed for being directed by some force to be at these dharnas! It’s a preposterous accusation – all come with free will!”

“My dear Karachiites, promise me if a VIP blocks roads, then you must take swift action.”

“Pakistan’s future VIPs are the farmers, the laborers, the common man!”

“I thank the women, the girls, the other youth who have all come here – you have the most political acumen!”

“You are very politically aware, Karachiites – you will never bow to any injustice and won’t allow rigging again!”

“I can see Naya Pakistan on the horizon, after what extraordinary reception and celebrations I have seen here!”

“Lahore, I’m coming! Get ready!!

(Compiled by Hamza Salman, a PTI Volunteer)


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