In Oneness By Shezray Faisal

In Oneness

By God, The Battle has only just begun!

I have laughed… with jubilance and tears. I have danced in the rain and felt God was on his side. I have cheered in passion, in patriotism… in oneness!

I have followed him on the roads, behind jalsas, on channels, on facebook and twitter…and I have prayed for him in earnest with the eagerness of a child…

I have let passion and elation overrule logic and safety …and I have cried in incredulity and pain. I vent because I cannot contain the fury unfolding inside of me!

And yes….I believe because his eyes don’t lie.

So don’t ask me why the forlorn face. The lump in my throat is painful and it threatens to explode! You love him or you don’t. He is my leader! He is my Prime Minister!

So don’t you tell me its fate; for years I have accepted it so!

Don’t tell me to be graceful about it; for years I have turned a blind eye!

Don’t say it’s always like this… for ages I believed it could never change…

And don’t say the nation deserves this; because ‘I’ am the nation and ‘I’ are ‘we’ who stand in oneness today!

I was this close to breaking the shackles…. only this tiny close from breaking away the chain … change the sick periodic cycle that pollutes my nation with every Bhutto and every Sharif!

You see, it was within my reach… the breath of true freedom! Liberty! Demoracy! Freedom that I always thought I had but never really did! And now I fear I will feel suffocated for the next 5 years.

But don’t try and comfort me, I don’t need it from anybody but him. I am stronger then I started out, his faith has made me so.

Yes I voted and I brought with me a stubborn ailing grandparent in a wheelchair, a unwell father who could barely walk, an old fragile mother who stood firm, a stranger who needed a ride, a friend who was as excited as I and a spouse to share a new promise with. I guided and helped whoever and whenever as much as I could. Yes I raised my voice, yes I practised my right and have a proud inked thumb!

So yes this is my fight as much as his! And fight I shall….I have to try…

But know that I am also disheartened because truth and honesty did not prevail. And my heart actually hurts for him. I cant bear to look at the poster where he is looking up at the sky, but I do and say a silent prayer. I can’t help but feel that I let him down. I tried but I wasn’t prepared….

I have not grown-up in a family that lives off foreign debt or the tax payer’s money. Nor have I learned the expertise of rigging, blackmail and manipulate.

But by his example I will not hovel up in the dark, I embrace the new sun and its light!

I am spreading passion!

I am spreading love…

I am spreading pride!

I am spreading the faith..

And I am change itself!

I am in all hues of waving green, red and white…

And I am growing… I am contagious ….

So know this Bilawal Zardari and Mariam Nawaz; know that I have woken, know that I prepare, know that I am ready and that you will be outnumbered. Because ‘I’ am ‘we’ who stand in oneness behind Imran Khan.


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