A Profound Insight to the Biggest Jalsa in the History of Pakistan By Saud Bin Younis

I have been planning to write about Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s jalsa I attended at Minar e Pakistan in Lahore. I couldn’t manage to put everything together until today when I thought I should give it a try. The reason it took so long to write this article is that there was so much I saw that day which even brought tears in my eyes and I had so many thoughts in my mind so I didn’t know where to start. I am going to give it a go and will share some of the stories from what I experienced and saw that day which I believe was once in a life time moment.

1. I was at the site of jalsa the night before just to see how is everything going and I saw this young guy with no legs in a wheel chair somewhere in the corner holding PTI flags and wearing a PTI cap. He wasn’t saying much but was just looking at us and observing others. I couldn’t stop myself from going up to him and to talk to him. I asked his name and he told me his name is Yawar not sure if I am spelling it right. I asked him why are you here and who you with? He replied “I am here by my own and have come here today because as you can see I can not walk and I know there are going to be so many people tomorrow and the government might block the roads so I will not be able to reach the jalsa and won’t be able to see Imran Khan”. He added that he had to drive his wheel chair for more than 7-8 miles just to be here and he is going to sleep here tonight so that he is able to attend the jalsa. I admit, I had tears in my eyes by then and I was hardly been able to hold it in yet I managed to ask him one more question, why is this jalsa so important to you? He answered, “I want to see Imran Khan and I have a strong belief in Naya Pakistan. Pakistan in which people like me will be served with equal rights and I have always wanted to study and go to college but I was not able to because my parents could not afford my education. I am here to support Imran Khan so that he can make a Naya Pakistan and kick these goons and thugs out so that all of us can live happily and peacefully”. I thanked him and encouraged him for his act of bravery and just took my self to a side and calmed my self down as I was at the verge of crying. All that time I was thinking, Imran Khan, you are right: “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai”.

A Profound Insight to the Biggest Jalsa in the History of Pakistan2. I couldn’t sleep during the night after speaking to the guy and was waiting for the morning so that I can call all my friends and ask them to leave for tha jalsa. We had set a time that we all will gather on Liberty Round About in Lahore around 2PM and will make our way to Minar e Pakistan. I was up and calling all my friends at 9am in the morning and asking them to leave now. Some said Yes and some said No. We, the ones who said yes decided to gather around 12 and the other will join us later at Minar e Pakistan. When we went to Liberty round about, we all were stunned and thrilled to see people they’re celebrating and dancing to PTI songs. I also saw families in their cars taking pictures and stopping by to distribute fresh water bottles amongst the ones who were there from the morning. We parked our car and just stood there to look at people celebrating Naya Pakistan until we managed to leave in a form of rally including all the people there at Liberty. Normally it takes just about 30-40mins to reach Minar e Pakistan from Liberty but it took us four and half hours that day. While on our way we saw Kids holding play cards which had #GoNawazGo written on them. We stopped by at a petrol station to fuel our car and there was a building right next to exit of that petrol station and I can never ever forget that there were two really young girls not more than 4-5years chanting #GoNawazGo from the window. My friends and me just looked at each other but did not say anything because it was clear enough that the change is here. Partying all the way through, we were just 5 miles away from Minar e Pakistan with so many people on the road that it was highly unlikely if we are going to make it on time. We decided to park our car in the nearest street and to walk towards the site. We finally managed to reach the jalsa and I tell you it was not easy. We had to climb 3 fences to reach to the ground as the government had containers placed and had blocked all the entry points. We were literally stunned to see so many people at one place as it was my first ever jalsa and have never seen such thing as this jalsa. Not even the ground was jam packed but the Azadi Flyover too and I said to my friends I hope people don’t fall from the bridge as there are so many of them and I hope the bridge doesn’t come down.

3. It was just after Imran Khan had come on the Mic and had addressed his tigers to protect his tigresses and to give them respect. I saw two girls with their little brother struggling to reach to the families section but there were so many people that it was almost impossible for them to reach there. What I saw next was, some of the guys also known as Imran Khan’s tigers had made a circle by joining their hands and took those girls and their little brother in that circle and to make sure they safely reach the families section and they did. I lived a proud moment and I swear to Allah I was so proud to be a Pakistani to have witnessed such respect and obedience. When Imran Khan says that this nation is the greatest of all nations, he has seen all this and that is why he is waking this nation up because when this nation will wake up, Pakistan will be the country progressing by days and nights.

I can go on and on and can write probably through the night but believe me I am in short of words. It was an experience, a feeling to attend this jalsa, which cannot be expressed in words. There are no words to do justice to describe the passion, hope and determination to make a Naya Pakistan. It is to be felt and I am so lucky and proud to have been a part of what is claimed to be the biggest jalsa in the history of Pakistan. In the end I would say: “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai”.


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