Testimonial by Alizah Rashid age 12 from Islamabad on #AzadiSquare Movement

alizaI am a twelve year old. And like every twelve year old, every previous political event meant only one thing to me; holidays from school. But when IK announced the azadi dharna, I noticed a change, not only in myself but in others of my age. All of us were not excited about the vacations but we ended up being very eager to join this event. We all think of D chowk as a place for festivities, where everybody rejoices a Naya Pakistan.

I feel very proud that we all are finally rising as a nation, united without any differences. When I see a rich girl offering a seat to a poor, old lady at the Azadi square, I give all the credit to Imran Khan whose tiring efforts are what united us all under that green and red flag. I often find myself convincing my mother to go to D chowk and see that amazing man. My mother, fan of IK’s since his cricket days is ever-ready and I quickly put on my sneakers to go to the place which glitters green and red always.

When I go into the ladies enclosure, my heart swells with happiness. I have never seen such conviction in women, all of whom USED to be scared of rushy areas. Now, all I see on their faces is determination to achieve Azadi. Well I guess, Nawaz Sharif should really be ashamed because even women and children scream ‘Go!’ Whenever that energetic voice of Faisal Javed Khan says ‘Go Nawaz!’ All us have only one dream, to meet the man who created the hospital, the university and increased our love for Pakistan. And a few days back, that dream came true.

We came to meet a blessing in disguise, Nafeesa Khattak, who proved to be our way to Khan Sahab’s container. Let me just notify all those with the misconception, that is no luxurious container. It is just a simple, little room with no royal washrooms and no LCDs. As I stood waiting for Khan Sahab to descent from the stage, I was almost jumping with excitement. And when he came inside, I almost let a few tears of happiness escape. A relative of IK’s shot a picture Of us. It was a magical moment. As I stood beside the Chairman of PTI, it felt as though 4th October was really only a wondrous dream. Now, all I hope is that our picture gets posted on the PTI official page.

My dearest wish is to contribute to a Naya Pakistan. My hope is to have a little more time with Khan and my dream is to live in a country I can be proud of. Imran Khan zindabad. Go Nawaz Go.


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