A Real Bhutto and Pakistan Khan By Zeeshan Abro


A genetically born Zardari turned Bhutto cannot uphold the legacy of Great “Bhutto Family”.

This self- belief did not let me support Zardari run “Pakistan Peoples’ Party”. Since I am more a Pakistani than a Sindhi, I picked the best available choice from Pakistan’s political showcase “Pakistan Tahreek-e- Insaaf”. I am not a full time member of PTI but I support Imran Khan for greater cause of Naya Pakistan.

PTI’s rising in KPK and Punjab has not made any significant political dent in Sindh as yet. There were rumors that Fatima Bhutto (Daughter of Shaheed Murtaza Bhutto) would join PTI. This gave a hope for better lives of deprived people of Sindh who have been living miserably for decades now.

I believed that combination of Imran Khan and Fatima Bhutto would definitely bring a new dawn of prosperity & happiness for 190 Million people of Pakistan. Khan with his team would fight the status quo in North & Central Pakistan whereas; Bhutto with her pure and untrimmed Jiyalas would challenge them in South.

Unfortunately, all these dreams vanished when my brother shared me a Video clip of Fatima Bhutto criticizing Imran Khan. All the allegations in that video have been addressed here:

Fatima in her video says that imran khan has an extreme coziness with dictators especially with general zia ul haq; quoting his pride of performance award and zia’s request to bring him back to cricket as captain.

Unfortunately, Miss Bhutto did not even know that it was not only Imran Khan who received Pride of Performance award from Zia. There were over 70 other individuals who received the same award from 1980-87 from dictator. Some of the great names were Malcom Steves Forbes (Publisher of Forbes) Jahanhir Khan, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Intekhab Alam, Abdul Qadir, Allan Faqir, Roohi Bano, Abida Parveen, Muhamamd Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Firdos Jamal, Haseena Moin, Amjad Islam Amjad and others. Receiving an award was mere a recognition of his exceptional cricket performance.

She has criticized Khan over General Zia’s request to bring him back to cricket as a Captain.

Yes! He asked him to come back. Khan came back and ended up winning the only Cricket World Cup for his country. General Zia requested him on his extraordinary leadership skills.

I hope she knows that Imran Khan as captain played 48 Test matches and only lost eight times. In his Second ever test match as captain, he defeated England for the first time in 28 years’ history of Pakistan Cricket on English soil, at Lord’s, London. After his return to Cricket, he toured to West Indies and recorded a draw against the giants of 80’s. Khan took 23 wickets in that same three test match series.

It is needless to say that Khan was the best Cricket Captain this world has ever witnessed so far. He was not only recognized by Genral Zia, but he also received several other awards including but not limited to:

· The Cricket Society Wetherall,- 1976 & 1980
· Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1983
· Sussex Cricket Society Player of the Year 1985,
· Indian Cricket Cricketer of the Year, 1990,
· Asian Jewel Awards in London, 2004
· Humanitarian Award at the Asian Sports Awards in Kuala Lumpur, 2007
· ICC Hall of Fame 2011
· Asia Society’s Person of the Year 2012.

Miss Bhutto has criticized Imran Khan over his support to General Parvez Musharaf’s referendum.

Khan has apologized to the nation several times on supporting General Musharaf’s referendum. History witnesses that Great Leaders make mistakes too, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gnadhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela or even her grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made few mistakes. As she recognizes her grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for his services, she should not forget that it was Bhutto who brought General Zia as Army Chief. That was not a mistake but a blunder that nation is still paying. It never means that their struggle for the people and a better society was anything disloyal.

She is worried that if Imran Khan comes into power- women would live more in disparity.

On other hand, Moulana Fazal Urehman and his peers have been blustering badly about women’s role in Khan’s dharna (Protest). If Khan believes as orthodox Muslims do; he would never encourage girls to attend his dharna without covering their face. Even Pakistan People’s Party (so-called Leftist) thinks that PTI’s dharna, are full of dancing shows for women. Few days ago, Imran Khan celebrated Women’s day on the container. There were women all over his container while he was addressing.

She criticized Khan’s opposition on Hudood Ordinance but does not know the reason:

Imran Khan opposed Hudood Ordinance by explaining that the real problem was the underlying Ordinance. PTI vows to propose a new Women Protection Bill when in power; and that bill will give equal rights to Women in Pakistan.

To my surprise, if Miss Bhutto is seriously worried about women in Pakistan!! She must consider below facts and become more vocal about the current depressed situation of women in the country.

· 16,000 women die of pregnancy related complication every year
· 1,000 die in ‘honor Killing’ annually
· 5,000 women die annually on domestic violence
· One child dies every minute in Pakistan

Fatima Bhutto says that Imran Khan supported TTP on imposing Shariat Law in Swat Valley.

When France and other countries can pass a bill on face covering, or when Scotland asks their citizens to vote for separation; you call it Democracy. When Swat asks their citizens to vote in favor or against Shariat Law you call it Terrorism. Every human being should have an equal opportunity to choose a better life style for themselves. You can oppose Khan’s point of view but cannot doubt his abilities as a leader or his patriotism as a Pakistani.

In Pakistan, his opponents yell that Khan is working on Anglo-American agenda. They call him and his ex-wife a Yahoodi agent (Israeli Agent). Some leftists like Miss Bhutto believe that, he is Pro-Taliban and an extremist.

Ask millions of Pakistanis, they believe that he is a leftist Muslim; who has Islamic faith in human rights, peace and prosperity. He is the only hope for a better Pakistan & global peace.


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