Testimonial by Nishat Ansar on #AzadiSquare Movement

“Tribute to my Beloved Kaptaan”

Iyyaka Na Budu Wa Iyyaka Nasta’een (O Allah! We worship only you and seek help from only you)

I have been supporting Imran Khan since my childhood. Kaptaan you have seriously won millions of hearts by coming out and speak like a gentle man who truly understands issues of Pakistan. The man who is standing for the rights of people on Azadi container is not an ordinary person.

Pakistan is a very blessed country it has vast potency but we only required a sense of understanding and a leader who leads from the front, who leads by example and thanks to Allah Almighty we are honored and blessed with such a leader, personally I feel so lucky that I witness and a young tigress of Imran Khan’s era and his ideology of Naya Pakistan. As a communication and media student I have so much interest in politics and I watched each and every jalsa, interview of Imran Khan, but due to dirty mean and, selfish politics of our politicians, I felt that there will never be justice, equality in Pakistan but when I look to my kaptaan I feel quite satisfied that a man is there to abolish this dirty politics from my country.

A ray of hope is arising and I will never forget the most historic speech of my beloved Kaptaan at Minar-e-Pakistan on 23rd March 2013. I looked in my Kaptaan’s eye & He showed me determination and told us “You may give up on your country but I will never (Main apni qoam ko kabhii jhukney nahi doon ga). The journey was not easy because life has ups & downs but my kaptaan knows how to play on front foot. Kaptaan had a huge and difficult task ahead my kaptaan know how to lead as he is full of leadership qualities and he led Pakistan cricket team over 10 years, and the game was not over until he won cricket world cup. I was one year old when my Kaptaan got this tittle I feel very proud of my leader that I am his follower. I feel that nobody will save Pakistan other than my Kaptaan Imran khan. He has a vision, ideology, and above all his strong belief in Allah.

Pakistan was ruled by two party systems when my Kaptaan started his politics from last 18 years and as we all know Muk-Mukka politics is ruled in Pakistan. These two Parties PML(N) & PPP were not helping people of Pakistan they only looting money from poor public and unfortunately Pakistani people were so deep into slavery and ruling parties getting richer and richer while poor getting more poorer. Allah gave us another Quaid in form of Imran Khan. I stood with Kaptaan on 11th May, 2013 and I was so lucky that my first vote was not stolen because I am from KPK (Kohat) and I was so happy that PTI is ruling there, but a huge mandate was stolen in all over Pakistan and after 14th months of all tries Kaptaan started his journey to go on roads & Azadi March started from Lahore 14th August 2014. Azadi Square has become a symbol of unity and brotherhood, where we all united as one nation. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians all come together to celebrate their days and take their part to save nation and to build a Naya Pakistan. Kaptaan has made us proud as he sacrificed his life, his happiness, his kids, and his martial life only for us. Nation deserves only Imran Khan. We all have to bring changes in ourselves and believe that this fact is happening! Now people are well aware of their rights than ever were.

I can see my Kaptaan determination to get Naya Pakistan. Many cities like Sargodha, Mianwali they don’t allow their women to attend such political events and dharans but they have gaven their verdict. This is called “Tabdeeli”.

I must say: “Tabdeli_A_Nahi_Rhe_Tabdeli_A_Gaee_Hai”
They all came and support Imran Khan, for the sake of their fundamental rights and the bright future of their children. PTI is not only party of youth; I saw every age group of people. People love Imran Khan and they show their love and support for Kaptaan. People have realized that it’s an awakening defining moment for our country as nation as now stands against the status-Quo by mobilizing every section of masses from lower, middle, and upper middle class.

Go Nawaz Go is a very good campaign which brought life in this campaign. It is not only slogan against Mian Nawaz it has become the voice of every suppressed, people against the corruption and elites. Everywhere we hear Go Nawaz Go in cricket, hockey matches, in schools, in Airports, etc.

Kaptaan is not only my leader, my inspiration, my hope but he is my teacher as well I love this statement of my Kaptaan “When you have faith in Allah then you are not afraid of anyone. There is nobody who can harm you without Allah’s will. I am not afraid of any attack on me; I have faith in Allah that I will die when it’s destined”. “Do not be afraid of death, everyone’s time is fixed. What’s in your hand is to decide if you want to decide if you want to die like Tipu Sultan or Bahdur Shah Zafar.

As our leader always asked Pakistanis of four things.

1. We shall never lie and always speak the truth.
2. Leave our ego’s behind and only think of this Nation, there are eleven crore Pakistanis living beneath poverty line.
3. We shall be brave and break the shackles of fear.
4. We have to bring Justice to this society, even if our friends and relatives do injustice, we shall be fair and bring them to Justice.

Now public eagerly awaits Kaptaan’s address, It’s become a daily routine for households to handle around TV to listen Imran Khan.
I am running out of words for defining such a spirit and junoon of people “World has never found such peaceful protest ever”.

Thank you Kaptaan for everything, for awakening nation and giving justice to each institution, for bringing back the ideology of Pakistan we only heard as stories from our parents. You bought back Nationalism when it was dead and buried.

Heartiest thanks to Kaptaan for preparing us to all are the future leaders & Shaheens of today, tomorrow and for future. You are truly one of them and Pakistan is so very lucky to have such a handsome leader like you.

“Allah ne insan ke hath mein sirf niyat aur koshish di hai, kamyaabi wo deta hai”- Imran Khan

Pakistan Zindabaad

Nishat Ansar (IK Tigress)


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