Our leader is Pakistan Khan!

pak k

We all saw what Imran Khan said today to end the 126 day sustained protest against what is necessary to move this nation forward; it is not simply about election reforms or irregularities, it is about the fundamental rights of the people to choose their representatives. We have stood beside the container these 126 days, we have felt the commitment that Imran Khan was making to the people of Pakistan without a thought to what he would gain or lose from his sustained struggle for the truth. Today, he has proven beyond any doubt that there is nobody more Pakistani than him. Only three days ago, we heard PMLN calling him anti state, anti Pakistan; by suspending his protest, Imran Khan has demonstrated that a leader who is clear headed, fearless, tireless, committed is also sensitive to the pulse of the nation. Imran Khan is not just a politician; he is also a human being who felt the grief of other parents because he too is a father. Today, he has proven that he has the capacity to become a motivator, inspiration, and father of millions of Pakistan’s children. The Shaukat Khanum Hospital treats children more than any other age group, the Namal college and university is bringing the best education to a remote and deprived part of Pakistan. We have seen Insaf health drives to administer polio drops to infants, we have seen initiatives in education for the children of KP, and we will soon see Insaf kitchens feeding the children of Thar. Have no doubt that Imran Khan will coninue to lead growing number of Pakistanis; young, committed cadres to a Naya Pakistan. A leader who grows and matures every single day, was the only one who named the TTP as the perpetrators of the heinous crime that we all still can not believe actually happened. We stand behind you Kaptaan in your invitation to Nawaz Sharif to now form the judicial commission on his own volition. There should be no doubt that investigation of the 2013 election will be a continued demand and our leader has clearly said if Nawaz Sharif fails to respond, we will be back on the streets again. Justice will be demanded, the truth will be uncovered.

Salute Kaptaan and his team!


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