Qazi Jalal arrested in Peshawar for a Tweet


Today the Pakistani FIA arrested a twitter activist Jalal Qazi from Peshawar for making a tweet on 22nd Sept, they placed upon him charges for violating the Electronic Transaction Ordinance of 2002 specifically clause 36: Violation of Privacy of Information and 37: Damage to Information Systems (read clauses below) these are, as per my understanding (?), non-bailable offenses permitting the FIA unbridled arrest of Jalal Qazi for up to 90 days without follow-up

Digging into the issue after his arrest, it seems the case hovers around a set of tweets made by Qazi Jalal on 22nd September (tweets deleted) where he posted referencing to an engagement card of a certain Mr Faizan Malik – who would be the son-in-law of Justice Irshad Qaiser, the judge who granted bail to the Vice Chancellor of Abdul Wali Khan University Ihsan Ali who was arrested a few days earlier for corruption. Faizan Malik is a lecturer who has also been under investigation of the 1400 appointees who were appointed into the university during the ANP tenure – he specifically started his tenure as a lecturer in May 2012. FYI this CV hosted on the university website establishes the Faizan Malik being the son of Ghulam Mohy-ud-Din Malik.

On 15th September the VC of Abdul Wali Khan University Ihsan Ali and three other people were arrested by Ehtisab Commission and sent to 14-day remand to Peshawar Central Jailforinvolvement in corruption to the tune of Rs 550 Million, the media published reports on this arrest playing a sympathetic anti-educationist angle almost blaming Ehtesab commission for wrongdoing, this case took an interesting twist when on 22nd September, 7 days later after the arrest the VC Ihsan Ali he was granted bail by Justice Irshad Qaiser. Which may have, in normal circumstances been a routine had it not been for some investigative sleuthing of Jalal Qazi who established a conflict-of-interest of the judge and linked her son-in-law Faizan Malik to Abdul Wali Khan University, and his own ongoing investigation.

The on-ground reports from Peshawar is that, FIA is responding and harassing Jalal Qazi on the instructions of Justice Irshad Qaiser, the arrested/release V/C Ihsan Ali, ANP Senator Sitara Ayaz (who is ironically also subverting arrests from Ehtisab Commission under a treasure cove of ‘stay orders’ issued by Justice Irshad Qaiser, Jalal Qazi reported on her case as well) and also being fully pushed by the ANP party as they are intrinsically involved in the corruption scandal.

The more pertinent issue is if this tweet was wrong as deemed by the honorable judge, Jalal Qazi should have been asked by the honorable judge, even in pursuant of a proper legal proceeding to ask him to delete &/or apologize for this inaccurate information, but quite ironically she chose to bully and harass Jalal using the FIA to exercise the ETO ordinance 2002, which if you read the clauses below, there is truly no direct violation under which Jalal Qazi should be arrested, unless they choose to draw hypothetical conclusions to the wordings of the law, best past is that a tweet gathering a mere 8 retweets was deemed damaging the repute of the corrupt people involved in the AWKU and others directly/indirectly involved.


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